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    Hey all,

    I’m just looking for some ideas about what to do with my trusty old KK2 Tricopter now that I’ve upgraded to the V4. I guess it has some usable parts that could become spares (like the arms for example), but part of me wants to keep it flying regularly even though I’m anticipating that the V4 will provide a better flying experience.

    I’ve thought about some options such as putting on an APM, trying to waterproof it, etc but before I did anything, I thought I’d come here for some ideas. So what have people here done with their old Tris?


    Well one way to use a otherwise useless KK2.1 board (and 3 ESCs+motors plus tilt mechanism) could be building a FT Bronco VTOL (Chimera) 🙂


    Use it as a ‘loaner’ for others that might be interested in getting into multi-rotors but aren’t sure if they are willing to part with the funds only to find out it isn’t for them?
    If it wasn’t for a friend loaning me one of his old dust collectors I still wouldn’t know the joys of swooping about the yard & definitely wouldn’t be here looking for ways of blowing my next tax refund! 3:) 😉


    Hey I had totally forgotten about the possibility of doing a VTOL. I’ll have to look into that! Loaning it out isn’t a bad idea either. It would be great to introduce someone else to the joy of tricopters :). Thanks for the suggestions!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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