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    Hey! I am a beginner and I want to build the Tricopter V3. Which transmitter would you recommend me that I can use later for FPV as well.


    Orange tx/rx, nice combo but its only 6 channels could prohibit you later the, pretty cheap for what you get.
    Turnigy 9x- this is a really good radio seeing you can change the modules which gives you room to grow with the 9 channels, also the lcd has a lot of features so you can add telemetry with the right module.
    Taranis- really solid radio that you can rely on, pretty much the same as the 9x just better quality.
    Dx6e- nice radio but again only six channels.
    Dx8e- starting to get pricey around the $400 dollar mark and you pretty much get a turnigy 9x with less channels
    Gruponer(not how you spell it)-
    Mz-12- this company is nice because they all have telemetry from the start and are cheaper than spektrum for the same thing this one is 6 channel the mz-18 is 9 channel what ever you pocket change can handle is what id get.

    Robert C

    A transmitter is something you should invest in, I did not, and now I have to buy a new one, again..

    FrSKy Taranis is a really nice radio, or something like the Futaba 8J. It also comes down to preference in brand.

    How many channels do you need? 6 is enough to fly the tricopter, but the second you ad something to it (video switch or whatever) you need more.

    7-8 should last you long enough, more is only needed for scale applications, like airplanes with flaps, retractable gear, bomb drop etc.

    Remember that you are putting your tricopter in the air with Gopro and other expensive stuff, so when it all comes crashing down because you used a bad/cheap radio you will be driving your head into a wall to express your emotions 😉


    @coolblaze19 and @Robert C:
    As first thank you for your reply!
    I think I will need more than 6 channels. On the basis of your recommandations I am focussing now on the following transmitters:

    – Graupner MX-16 (including telemetry and receiver) for €229,- in local shop – I think this is really a nice one.
    – FrSKy Taranis X9D (telemetry and receiver) for €162+shipping costs on HobbyKing or €269,- in local shop
    – Turnigy 9XR Pro without module for €80,99, HobbyKing. As I can see the modules are not really cheap.
    – Futaba 8J (receiver and without telemetry) for 251€ in local shop. – is not really cheap for a transmitter without telemetry?!

    I have read that some people who ordered on HobbyKing.com had to pay customs duties in their home countries and it took up to 8 weeks until they got the orders. Did you make any experiences with HobbyKing.com?

    Thank you!


    Ive ordered from hobbyking a total of three times ive never had any trouble, i believe this is because i am in the US because ive never heard anyone complain about things shipped to the US.

    Honestly i think the Graupner is what you should get they have great customer service and have been around a long time you can go listen to the flite test podcast that just came out, they interview someone at graupner so you might get some info there.

    Robert C

    Shipping time and import duties depend on the rules and legal stuff in your country. In my country you can only import 25 euro tax free, anything more gets caught.

    So that has noting to do with Hobbyking.

    Still I would go with the local shop or anything in your country.

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