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    Hi Everyone,

    Phil from down under here.

    This is my first tricopter and first experience with multirotor FC. I have purchased a “upgraded Naze32 F3 Flight Controller Deluxe” from Banggood; the link to it is here


    I am now not sure which hex file to use when flashing it with Teriflight?, is it the Naze32PRO, Naze32 or F3FC one?. The specifications all read like the F3FC controller so I am not sure.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks, Phil 🙂


    Plug it into Cleanflight, go to CLI and type: version and hit [ENTER]

    It says Naze32 upgrade, but I’m pretty sure that board is a SPRacingF3 (clone) in which case you should use the triflight_0_5_SPRACINGF3.hex file.

    I have had a few of those, and to be honest they break pretty easily. Suddenly they will stop working and just flashing the LED for no reason.


    Hi Terje, Thanks for this, I will plug it in and check. Thanks for the warning on quality, I will see how it goes.


    Hey Terje, if you dont mind me asking, what FC do you use that you have found reliable and work well with the Triflight flash?
    Thanks very much, Phil


    Hi @pipbaker short answer: I’m moving all my multirotors to F3FC/all-in-one board this winter (baby, mini, midi and full sized tricopter and 4 quads).

    The F3FC isn’t perfect. It only has 3 UARTs, but for the moment I’m only using two: One for S.BUS and one for S.PORT. I have a ton of micro minimOSD boards, BlackBox loggers and a few GPS units in my box of spares that I plan on using at some time – maybe never. the F3FC is really cheap, robust and integrates perfectly with the babyPDB.

    after trying a few different boards with what seemed to be really good features, and was disappointed with them, I realized the one thing I really need is solid flight performance. I get that with a InvenSence MPU6000 chip connected via SPI. Np more freak out of the FC when getting into oscillations (propwash etc).

    A general note on flight controllers:
    The flight controller is only as good as the people who develop and refine the code. The recipe seems to be the same: Someone dedicated starts to code on an existing hardware platform, gets frustrated, builds their own board and starts selling it. To be able to compete they cut corners on components (KissFC uses the MPU6050 which only runs the slow I2C protocol, SPRacingF3 uses the MPU9250 which is prone to interference from vibration). Now they are stuck with that board due to the initial development cost and production costs. Changing a design to make it better is expensive. TimeCop forked Multiwii into Baseflight and created the Naze32 board, Dominic Clifton forked Baseflight into Cleanflight and created the SeriouslyProF3 board, and BorisB forked Cleanflight into BetaFlight (and hasn’t created a board yet?).

    A perfect board would run the MPU6000 on SPI like the F3FC, have a microSD data logger onboard like the SPRacingF3 Evo, have ESC telemetry like the KissFC, run Dshot, have integrated OSD, integrated current metering, have 8 motor outputs, run a F4 processor, be supported by Betaflight, Cleanflight, Triflight, iNav and whatnot, etc. Seems like we can’t have it all.


    Well the Airbot Omnibus F4 Pro V2 looks good on paper:

    F4 board
    MPU-6000 on SPI
    Betaflight OSD
    Current sensor
    BlackBox microSD logging
    5V/3A BEC
    Support for multishot (Betaflight 3.1)

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