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    Hello all.

    I recently got my new Taranis Plus in the mail and am trying to configure the X8R with my Naze32 Tricopter frame. However, nothing seems to be working. Am I missing something?

    I’ve connected the X8R to 5V, Ground, and Pin 4.

    In the Cleanflight Configurator, I’ve set the Receiver mode to RX_SERIAL and the Serial Receiver Provider to SBUS, as well as enable Serial RX on UART2.

    I’ve tried this both on David’s custom 1.9 release and the latest 1.11 release.

    Do I need to invert the SBUS signal as others have mention on rev5 and prior boards?




    Your screenshots are correct (I mean the configuration)

    Yes you DO need to invert the SBUS signal as the NAZE32 does not read true SBUS.
    – You may either buy or make yourself an inverter cable (you will find plenty schematics on the web… pretty easy)
    – Or you may do as I did: the X8R actually has native non-inverted (hahumm …I mean inverted.. depends how you see things) signal onboard. You may find the point to tap it from and solder a cable to this point AND ground and +5V
    It is quite easy if you take the right point, which is easily accessible.. unlike what I found on the web where a guy is butchering his board to tap the inverted signal on a tiny spot.
    I can send you a picture later if you are interested, but unfortunately I am not at home at the moment.

    If you are really in a hurry and cannot make an inverter cable, I may try to find a high res picture on the web and show you the way

    Something that got me scratch my head for a minute is you need to plug the SBUS on input 4 of the NAZE, but I see you did this correctly




    Thanks Fred! I’ll do some searching for the invert (uninvert?) hack. I see a bunch of examples on the X4R, but none on the X8R yet. I’ll keep searching, but please post if you have any examples or walkthroughs.

    I’ve also seen references that certain Naze32 boards can invert the signal in software. Anyone seen this or know if the Tricopter Naze32 board is capable of this.


    I just found these two hacks http://how-make.tistory.com/27 (looks hard) and http://imgur.com/S7R42nc (looks easier). Source

    Has anyone had success with either? I plan on trying the 2nd one tomorrow morning.



    Your first link is the one I was referring to when I said “butchering”
    Your second link is exactly what I did ! so I can confirm it works

    if you follow carefully the track that he takes the signal from in your first link (watch the hi-res pictures), you will see that it leads to the 2nd pin of connector P2 as in your second link
    I then took the GND and +5V off the base of connector K3 (Pay attention in the picture the wires location is misleading… make sure the pinout of the S-Port for +5V and GND)


    I just finished the mod connecting to the 2nd pin of the P2 connecter and it worked! I ended up using the 5V and GND off the telemetry port as I can use that to send RSSI to the NAZE32 board.

    Thanks so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it!!


    Nice. Could try this myself. So the pin is visible on X8R without detatching the two boards?


    Correct – This is the pic I referenced when doing the modification. It’s the bottom of the board and super easy to access once the plastic case is removed.

    I just put a short extension wire with a male servo pin on the end and ran it out the same side as the PMW pins so I could easily disconnect it if I ever want to.


    That was very easy, thanks for the info!

    Did the same thing for X4R on my mini today.


    Hi Guys,

    I having a trouble to connect my X8R Receiver to the Naze 32 Rev 5. I did the extra wire how the second picture showed, but I have no idea how to connect them to the Flight Controller. If anyone could give me a hand how to solve the problem, that would be awesome!

    Many thanks,


    I did mine per the following.

    1. Setup the config like the images in the OP. & Carry out the S.Port inversion mod.
    2. Connect sbus to Naze 32 port 1
    3. Connect the modified S.port wire [just the one wire] to the signal on the Naze32’s port 4
    4. Test in cleanflight.

    Note you may need to configure your radio software to use the correct protocol, but this differs for different firmware.


    Ah,awasome man! Thank you so much! It worked!

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