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    So I started the build of the “Mark II” tricopter for winter use. I ordered but never actually used the recommended “XT60 to 3 X 3.5mm bullet Multistar ESC Power Breakout Cable” as I found it difficult to fit the long cables. Instead I used the 3.5mm bullet connectors that were left over from the ESC’s.

    Doing the winter edition with 2 Afro Slims, I have 2.5mm bullet connectors as spares and I guess since the ESCs come with these, it should be safe to use these as well. It makes it so much easier to fit the cables within the narrow frame. At the same time I can break out one AWG18 (or AWG22) cable to power the 5v BEC. I currently use 4 AWG18 cables into the XT60 connector, which is a tight fit.

    Is everybody else using the recommended cable, or have you build yours yourselves?

    Home made XT60 breakout cable

    Robert C

    I use 18 AWG wire, but I soldered everything together, the connectors use up soooooo much space. I just ordered some more 18 awg wire, so when I have the time I will wire the whole thing again to make it tidier and add some protection to the wires.

    So in my opinion, dont use connectors. Yeah, when you break an arm you will have to solder 2 wires again, but that doesn’t take to long.


    I always solder my own together it makes things so much more neat and it gets rid of failure points making it lest prone to crash.

    In the case that i do have to use bullets i heat shrink over the connectors when they are connected making it really difficult and almost impossible to come apart in flight.

    Robert C

    That is actually a very good idea for connectors that aren’t supposed to come loose. Thanks!

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