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    Dear all,

    some time ago I finished the build of my baby tri. But just recently I got to fly it more often. But I notice, that something is not quite right. The yaw drifts slightly on trottle up and down. I’d like to tune the tri to stop the drift.

    Current settings are:

    tri_unarmed_servo = OFF
    tri_tail_motor_thrustfactor = 43
    tri_tail_servo_speed = 314
    tri_servo_feedback = RSSI
    tri_motor_acc_yaw_correction = 27
    tri_motor_acceleration =  0.180
    tri_dynamic_yaw_minthrottle = 235
    tri_dynamic_yaw_maxthrottle = 30

    I’m not sure which values to adjust in which direction. I’d wanted to cross check this morning which direction of drift I’ve on trottle up. But the rain is in my way… If I remember correctly the tri drifts right on trottle up and left on down.

    And before I fiddle around with parameters and I don’t understand fully, I kindly ask about a hind where to start and in which direction.

    Thank you!


    I’ve managed to fly this afternoon once more. The copter yaws right on trottle up and left on down. I think the not 100% right tune of the copter results in a yaw jump during rolls. The copter spins around the roll axis once and yaw drifts around 30 degrees (right forright roll and left accordingly).
    My current approach would be to start fiddling with
    tri_motor_acceleration = 0.180
    If I understand it right, lowering should help. Or am I wrong?

    And I’ve noticed in the FPV video feed a slight tail oscilation. Any other suggestions than lowering P on yaw to get rid of it?


    Hey, good to see that you’re struggling with the same problem. I myself thought about fiddling with those settings, but I have really no idea where to start…

    – Might be the servo feedback wire which doesn’t really work?
    – Tailtune not really done properly?

    If you solve it, tell me 🙂


    Hey there,

    the problem is not solved yet. Haven’t had the time to do proper test flights during the last weeks… Weather is not the best at the moment over here…

    But I can confirm, that the feedback works (the unarmed tailtune shows the proper behaviour).
    And also the tailtune is done. Took 20 Minutes hovering… But the algorithm said it succeeded.

    If I’m lucky I’ll have the change of test flights by the end of the week/weekend. I’ll keep you updated.


    Okay, Schlagbohrer! Very much appreciating your work! Maybe David will come around the corner and enlighten us 😉 If I find time this week I’ll try to fiddle around a bit too 🙂


    Hey Buddy,

    I’ve flown some time with the babytri, but didn’t get the yaw problem fixed. What about you? any success?


    Hey there,

    I’ve flown some packs fiddeling with the tail numbers, but without any success. Haven’t tried the PID gains yet…
    And at the moment my time is limited, since we have to move to another flat. I hope to get back flying in a month or so…

    Maybe @David can help out?

    Sorry for the bad news from my side too… 🙁


    Same problem here.

    Everything works pretty good except that after a punch the Tri is yawing to the left when the thottle goes down.

    i tried idle up switch (as airmode is no good), it helped a lot (it used to do almost a full 360 degrees rotation, now it’s only 30 to 45 degrees) but the problem is still here.

    If you find a solution, please let me know!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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