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    I have Betaflight 3.1.6 and wish to use servo 1 for the tail yaw.

    I know how to resource the motors.

    However, what motor # is used within BetaFlight to work with Servo 1? Flip32 F3 Omnibus

    From Your CLI
    resource BEEPER A00
    resource MOTOR 1 A08
    resource MOTOR 2 B00
    resource MOTOR 3 A04
    resource SERVO 1 A07
    resource PPM A01

    My CLI
    Resource Beeper 1 C15
    Resource motor 1 B08
    Resource motor 2 B09
    Resource motor 3 A03
    Resource motor 4 A02
    Resource motor 5 B07
    Resource motor 6 B06
    Resource ppm 1 B04
    Resource Led_Strip 1 A08

    I used Motor 5 B07 and changed it to Servo 1 B07
    Resource motor 5 none
    Resource servo 1 B07

    Is this the correct motor to select for the F3 FC for the servo?
    or is it something else?

    I cannot find any documentation on how BetaFlight is handling the outputs in regards to the servo.
    again which motor number/pin on FC

    Thanks for any feedback in advance


    Do you recall what your you A07 was assigned to? hope it is motor 5.

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