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    Planes were fun, but I was attracted with helis. More technical, outstanding flying possibilities…

    So I decided to start with “something” that was not to small, widely known, overall good quality,an Align T-REX450


    that I quickly sold for a flybarless T-REX 500. I LOVED to patiently assemble my heli !!!


    Of course flying an heli is much more demanding than flying most planes, so I trained a lot at home with Phoenix RC to acquire some good reflexes and have a good feeling of helicopters behaviour.
    I read a lot on HELIFREAK, and learned a lot from (many thanks to John Salt and his invaluable e-guides !!!)

    After some weeks of training, I went to the field a saturday early morning, put my TREX500 on his skids middle of the runway, connected the 6S LIPO, pushed up the throttle cursor to spin up the rotor (pitch and throttle can be separated), nothing jerky, tail locked in … with the heart knocking I finally pushed up the left stick ! Holy Cow ! It was a revelation ! So easier to hover and do some basic flight than with the simulator. More stable !!!

    Just to say, I was not interested for 3D. My idea was to learn to fly “scale” around the flying field with clean coordinated turns, and add a nice fuselage and some lights to my heli.

    But, even if Learning flying it this was fantastic, I was not comfortable at all : I was scared of crashing it, and I was REAAAAALLY scared of the big spinning carbon blades !!! For me it was like playing with a running upsidedown lawnmower !!!

    I sold it !

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    when I started with multirotors with a small quadcopter (I will post the story soon), I tried some firmwares and finally moved back to Betaflight, with the feeling to be “back home”.
    And Betaflight can handle Tricopter perfectly, in my opinion.

    Last weekend I assembled and tested the bicopter, but I’m not a fan of it. I will sell it now and concentrate back on my Tricopter LR.

    The next step is to mount a french very perfomant FC, the YupiF7 (from the french Team CopperYu).
    When satisfied Under Betaflight, I will migrate the YupiF7 to Inav to use it’s dedicated GPS ….

    Whooooooo, what an exciting project !!!!

    in reply to: Betaflight 4.0 #62708

    I can say the motors are not overheating, they are just warm … and both ESCs are still cold.
    And both motors stop at the same time … Failsafe issue ??? I have to investigate 🙂

    I will try to lower I and D on the different axis …

    in reply to: Betaflight 4.0 #62701

    Hohoho first flight yesterday evening …

    With default PIDs, unable to take off. Increasing wobbling of each servo …

    I played a little bit with the PIDs, a now it flies !!!

    Now I have to solve 2 issues:

    – motors are a little bit hot

    – It sometimes cuts power in the air and fall back to ground. I have to disarm / arm it to take off again. Any clue ?

    in reply to: BETAFLIGHT 4.0.3 and KAKUTF4V2 #62699

    Hi again,

    this is my actual dump …

    1. DUMP02.txt
    in reply to: BETAFLIGHT 4.0.3 and KAKUTF4V2 #62672

    Hi guy,

    I will post it this evening, no problem 😉

    in reply to: Betaflight 4.0 #62636

    I just finished assembling and wiring the bicopter.

    I flashed the KakuteF4V2 with betaflight 4.0.3, choose the bicopter profile, re-maped the 2 servos based on the informations here, and the servos move exactly as they should.

    For the remaping, the KakuteF4 wiring description indicates how to wire for the bicopter: left servo signal from M3 pad and right servo signal from LED pad.

    So you have to CLI type :
    resource M3 none
    resource M4 none
    resource LED_STRIP 1 none
    resource servo 1 A03 (previously used for motor 3 signal)
    resource servo 2 C08 (previously used for LED strip signal)

    Betaflight BICOPTER profile should then manage the servos as they should 🙂

    in reply to: BETAFLIGHT 4.0.3 and KAKUTF4V2 #62635

    These are my PIDS


    I will eventually fine tune them in the following weeks. I’m still statisfied with these values… Actually I started building the bicopter and I can’t wait to see it fly …

    in reply to: BETAFLIGHT 4.0.3 and KAKUTF4V2 #62593

    Hi guys !

    I tought about something related to timers. I will try soon to use the Motor4 output for LED_STRIP but “releasing” M3 output, just to see …

    My tricopter flies very well. The tail is locked, no wag at all. Hovering is clean. I fly for fun, usually big ovals with as smooth as possible bank turns (coordinated).
    I’m sure I can fine tune it, but actually I’m already very happy how it flies 🙂

    My actual pids are:
    set p_pitch = 70
    set i_pitch = 25
    set d_pitch = 15
    set p_roll = 70
    set i_roll = 25
    set d_roll = 15
    set p_yaw = 100
    set i_yaw = 10
    set d_min_roll = 0
    set d_min_pitch = 0

    My build:
    – KakuteF4V2 FC
    – Matek PDB (I keep my BabyPDB for my bicopter)
    – Emax 1600KV motors
    – AIKON AK32 ESCs
    – BMS-210MH servo
    – Graupner 8×5″ Elektro-PROP props, carefully balanced !!!

    I use an Eagletree E-logger to get a report of current and RPM during a typical flight.

    With my actual config the RPM is around 6000, and Current is around 7.5A, with peaks up to 12A when I push the throttle hard …

    I don’t want actually to use the blackbox to fine tune, as I find it too “advanced” for my needs…

    in reply to: Betaflight 4.0 #62584


    I will start to build my Bicopter tomorrow. I will flash the KakuteF4V2 with Betaflight 4.0.3, and will post the results.



    The Funcub was of course fun, but not an ideal one to learn how to take off and land the usual way.


    My second plane was a more classical trainer. A nice plane too, an E-Flite Alpha 450 Sport. With this one, I really learned clean take off, approach and landing, and coordinated turns (rudder + aileron).


    The third one was a TopModel Ipanema. Heavier, robust, this plane could handle wind better.


    After some time, prefering so called “taildraggers” planes, I got an E-Flite Taylorcraft 450. A very cute semi-scale plane. I still have it, and piloted it a lot. It’s very realistic in the sky, and so easy to fly …


    Build will start soon here:

    Publier, France

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