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    Hi @Jihlein,

    don’t worry. I am aware that this tricopter has great potential. I was just extremely fed up and dissatisfied I could/can not (yet) unleish this potential (and therefore missed great filming opportunities in Iceland).

    I’ve discovered (as you did) that my MX-12/GR-12 combo is rarely used for multicopters.
    But then again, I do not intend to fly FPV nor race this drone and this 6 channel TX/RX setup with telemetry options should fill the bill perfectly.

    I am about to explore the options with Triflight (I just flashed this firmware to the FC and will test this firmware with my Tx connected and a flightbattery aboard.

    The dRonin is option C. As long as I can find enough storage on my laptop I will try to persevere.

    Speaking of storage, you mention the maximum flash memory. According to this datasheet ( this processor holds 128 to 256 Kb flash memory. I’ll keep that in mind, looking for appropriate firmware…..

    I’ll keep you informed on progress and really appreciate any suggestions and/or reactions!

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    Hi @GAntonjo,

    thanks for your reply last year. I missed out on the opportunity to prepare the tricopter and make any flights in Iceland so I totally lost faith in ever flying this thing.
    Now a year later I am willing to give it another try. I hope you still want to support me 😉 .

    I do indeed have the F3FC controller and I flashed it with CLFL_v2.3.2 – RCEXPLORERF3 – 22-04-2018. You mention the Triflight software to install on the FC. There you’ve lost me. Where do I find this and should I install this instead of v.2.3.2 as mentioned above?

    Looking for this, I found Should I use this? And if so, do I just flash this HEX file (with use of cleanflight U.I.) as I did with v2.3.2?

    Kind regards for your reply!

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    I did indeed program a Switch (AUX1) to Arm the motors. I have set the right readings for the switch to arm / disarm the motors. On the Receiver TAB the right reading was 1150 and I’ve set it for readings in between 1000 en 1250 so should react alright.

    I hav not been able to set/calibrate the tilt. Currently there is no tilting reaction at all (connected nor disconnected servo to hinged motor).

    And yes, props are still in their bag.

    Thanks for your input!


    Which motor-ESC protocol should I select for the standard Aikon AK32 35A ESC’s that come with the TRi_V4 Electronics kit?

    Brushed (think not with BE2217-1300KV outrunners)


    Nobody? Really?


    Not trying to hi-jack this older thread but it seemed unneccessary to open a new thread as I am running against almost the same wall!

    I am trying to configure my Tricopter V4 with a Graupner MX 12 Tx and a GR-12 Rx.

    As suggested above I have enabled Serial Rx for UART1 on the Ports Tab and selected a Serial Rx with SumD on the Config Tab.

    The F3FC board UART1 port (current version on the day I type this question) is connected to the Rx port 6. Telemetry (1 wire from UART2-Tx) is connected to the signal connector on Rx port 5.

    Via Cleanflight I succesfully flashed the latest firmware on the board.
    The Tx and Rx are bound and recognize each other, the Rx LED is glowing green constantly.

    With a 4S LiPo battery aboard and the USB cable attached and Cleanflight connected the position sensor is easily calibrated and reacts accurate and accordingly to position of the tricopter.

    But no stick-input (throttle, nick, roll, yaw, mode 1) gives any reaction on the tricopter, on the Cleanflight Receiver Tab however I have prompt response and I can adjust midpointsettings on my Tx and see these adjustments on Cleanflight.

    Saving my settings and/or jumping from one CF tab to another makes me lose all adjustments again.

    Where am I going wrong?



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    Thanks Tomas and Kevin Erik, I’ll give both methods a try.

    in reply to: Share your build/setup #57335

    For the moment:
    a brand new box of pieces (delivered this afternoon, ordered 3 days ago and travelled 1200km through 4 countries; well done David!), intending to become a RCE Tricopter v4 in a near future.

    It’s a bog standard V4 with standard RCE electronics kit.
    Intended RX Graupner GR-12 and TX Graupner MX-12. I am considering a RunCam 2 split Cam c/w WiFi for FPV and areal photo/video.
    Battery D-power 4S 3300 mAh 30C

    For orientation purposes I intend to run a couple of RGB neopixels on each motorbody to recognize front/aft and L/R


    Elst, The Netherlands (in between Arnhem and Nijmegen). Pinned on the map and waiting approval.

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