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    I’m pretty sure it is the receiver. When connecting servos and an ESC to the PWM channels only the throttle, gear and aux channel output signals. Aileron, Elevator and Rudder seem to be dead.

    Can anyone suggest a good F3FC compatible Spektrum Receiver (PPM or sBUS)?

    The one I currently have is this href=”” target=”_blank”>Receiver.

    Thanks in advance

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    Sadly I don’t have a blackbox to record the data.

    Or is it possible to record data without a dedicated blackbox?

    For me it’s one beep every half minute or so.

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    Did you figure out what caused the beeps?
    mine also beeps Randomly. Also only single beeps. Battery pack is new only 3 flights, f3fc board with “official” hardware setup for the full tricopter v4.
    Pack was at 33% when I landed.

    It worries me that the board just beeps. I also flew very conservative. only a few circles with little throttle in angle mode. Really conservative as I’m still getting used to flying.

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    it’s wired to the current Isense pad on the FC itself, so the issue is there NOT with the UART. might still be a 5v ADC connected to a 3.3V port but as far as I can see the ADC connects DIRECT to F3FC and I’m getting garbage readings into cleanflight/triflight from there..

    Well that’s exactly what every body else is experiencing. Nobody has a problem with the data beeing incorrectly transmitted.
    The problem is that he F3FC current readings are wrong when connecting the OSD and fine when disconnecting. And that is caused by simply connecting the OSD regardless of the data beeing sent.
    So you are experiencing the same problem as all the others in this thread. Are your current readings in Cleanflight correct if you disconnect the OSD? If so, did you try connecting the OSD to another UART (1 or 3).
    Please keep in mind what David wrote about disconnecting the OSD when powered, killing the F3FC.

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    It’s not about that the data is screwed up. The transmitted data via UART between the OSD and the FC is just fine.
    The problem is that the UART2 is on the same sort of “logical” or internally connected pin group of the FC as the current sensor input pin. That means that the voltage level on the pin used to read the current sensor (which is in fact a voltage on an analog-digital-converter of the FC) is raised by the voltage of the OSD.

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    Interesting theory but at least from a code standpoint that is not the case.
    And David already said that the current sensor is not even remotely connected to the UART2 pins.

    I have to do more testing if the OSD still causes the Amp reading to freak out but at the moment even on UART2 this seems to not be the case anymore for me.

    In the meantime I updated the FC to Triflight 0.5 release.

    I just did another test – OSD connected to seperate BEC, FC connected via USB and Battery plugged in.
    When I plugged in the RXTX + GND of UART2 to the OSD there was no change in the reported Battery current.
    So this problems seems to have resolved itself. I will test again in the evening with video to confirm that the UART2 is still working ^^

    For me the only problem that seems to be left is the overall incorrect readings of the current sensor.

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    I’m using the exact same OSD and also UART2.

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    I just found this Thread which seems to have a similar problem but when powering the MinimOSD from the built in BEC.

    MiniTricopter + MinimOSD = wrong mAh

    in reply to: F3FC reports extreme current draw #31807

    Ok so I did some measurements between R6 and ground.

    When nothing except the receiver is connected I have a reading of 14-18mV.
    When the motors are set to an ouput Value of:
    1200 -> 83mV (HK: 1.3A)
    1300 -> 123-126mV (HK 2A)
    1700 -> 200mv (HK: 3.5A)
    2000 -> 130mV (HK: 4A)

    So the Voltage on R6 is really droping when more current is drawn.

    Interestingly connecting the OSD RX/TX pins did not result in a change of the AMP reading this time.
    The cleanflight GUI reports the same 0.4-0.7A as when nothing is connected.

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    Thanks David for the response.

    I will measure as soon as I come home in the evening.

    Do you have an idea what could cause the current reading being off even if no additional devices like OSD are connected?

    When I did the measurements with the HK-Powermeter I had nothing connected except my receiver.
    The basic reading with battery connected, unarmed is 1.3A in the Cleanflight GUI compared to 0.00A of the HK-Powermeter and 80mA using another current meter.

    When arming and throttling up the reported current in the GUI, despite beeing off from the beginning, suddenly drops where as the HK reports increasing current draw as to be expected.

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    Cool.thank yiu for creating the Ticket. This would have been my next step.

    Maybe I will have time tomorrow to look at the current Sensor circuit and do a few measurements. I also had a look on the Code that I think Deals with calculating the current draw but saw nothing wrong except a probably unnecessary line of Code.

    Doing measurements will be challenging as I don’t know the circuit diagram. But I’ll give it a try.

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    Okay. I played around a little bit more and found that the current meter reading is pretty much totally off.

    The funny thing is that I adjusted it to be more or less acurate when the board is not Armed and when armed with no or little throttle. Until my Hobbyking Powermeter reports around 1.5-2A the reading of cleanflight is the same.
    As soon as I put more throttle in, the current reading in cleanflight starts dropping down to 1.3A where as my HK-Powermeter reports around 4A (no Props ofc).

    The settings I used for the Current Meter adjustments are Offest: 20 and Scale 880.
    With different Offset and scale the readings are off from beginning with 1.3A draw when not armed where my current meter reports 80mA. The decrease in reported draw when throttling up is the same though. At around 70-80% thottle the value starts dopping from 7A (instead of 3A from HK) to 5A (instead of 4A from HK).

    Maybe the current sensor is broken?

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    I have the same problem. I found that when my OSD is not connected at all and I have my F3FC connected via USB I get a reading of 0.1-0.35A which seems reasonable.

    I power my Micro Minimosd via a seperate 5V Regulator powered via the Balance Port of the Battery.

    I then connect only the Ground from UART2 to the OSD (Serial Port/FTDI side of the Board). Still everything is fine with reported 0.3A.

    Now as soon as I connect RX/TX Pins from UART2 of the FC to the micro minimOSD the Reading in Cleanflight jumps to around 7Amps. Note that I do not connect the Plus from the UART2 to the MicroOSD (In fact if I do it makes no difference).
    I checked the ground and the ground of the OSD, the FC and the Battery are all connected, so it is not a ground issue. It seems weird that the UART2 RX/TX connected cause an 7Amp draw.


    in reply to: On Board BEC Fried!!! #30606

    From where did you take the Power from for the OSD? through the UART pins?

    in reply to: triflight04 with GPS #26966


    I just wanted to ask the same Question. I’m also interested in buying the Tricopter, especially now that the electronics kit is available.

    But I also plan on using a GPS modul with the Tri to have RTH and Position information on my osd.

    I think @David is working on a new Version of the integrated Naze Board. (this Thread:

    It would be interesting to know if the new version supports GPS if the current version of the board doesn’t.

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