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    Thank you for this helpful dRonin setup tutorial and the cool dronin fork for tricopters! I like to summarize my success story here, maybe it helps other builders:

    – Built the branch “MyDronin” from jihlein on Ubuntu. The Dronin docs “Development Setup: Linux” were helpful to get to done:
    – The build generates the firmware build/ef_kakutef4v2/ef_kakutef4v2.hex for the Kakute F4 V2 board. I flashed it to the fc with betaflight configurator.
    – Soldered ESCs, Servo with feedback and receiver as shown on the Kakute F4 shop page:
    – Configured dRonin as explained in David’s video. Don’t search for “Tailtune” flight mode. It has been renamed to “ServoCal”.
    – When I tried the first flight, the servo direction was wrong. This results on a fast spinning copter during launch :-). If you move your stick left, make sure the servo tilts to the right.
    – My resulting autotune results:
    – In-flight ServoCal did not work the first time, but the second time. Motor thrust factor 8.14 was computed.

    Now there is only one thing I could not get to work, which is RGB LEDs. It is stated that Pin M4 should be used for the LEDs, so I connected my LEDs to Ground, 5V and M4. Is there anything to configure to get the LEDs lighted? Is PIN M4 pre-configured as LED Pin in the dRonin for the KakuteF4?

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