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    Since we are on the topic, why does the servo command user ‘servo 5’ when the servo is plugged into servo 1 output? This differs with what I found in the Cleanflight docs. (Perhaps this is related to the issues with Cleanflight configurator on the servo tab)

    Additionally, what are the fourth and fifth values in that command (the 90s)? I wasn’t able to find documentation for that anywhere.
    servo 5 1100 1900 1500 90 90 100 -1

    in reply to: Motor rotation in cleanflight #21027

    I’m guessing the question is not which orientation to set up, but rather if it matters at all. I’m also interested if the orientation of the spin is taken into account at any point in the code.

    Precisely. I know what the rotations physically should be, I want to know if it matters that cleanflight configurator thinks that it’s setup differently than it is.

    in reply to: 2212/1100kV vs. 2216/1100kV #10558

    I’ll be using the MT-2212-11’s (1100kV) in my build. I have two sets of HQ 8×5 props I’ll be trying out to start with. I don’t foresee their power rating being an issue, I’ve heard Tiger Motor has a tendency to underrate in comparison to some of their competitors.

    I’d definitely like to hear from anyone who has used these motors before.

    in reply to: Share your build/setup #10489

    Still building mine.

    Motors: Tiger Motor MT2212-11 (1100kV)
    Props: TBD
    ESC: KISS 18A v1.1
    Flight Controller: The Brain FPV
    Servo: TGY-211DMH (To be replaced when the TGY-211DMH is back in stock)
    Receiver: FrSky V8R4-II
    Battery: ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh 4S 20C

    Still working out some of the other details. I’ll follow up with a post after it’s built.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)