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    I’ve only just got round to assembling my Mini-Tricopter and have got to the same problem as swparrish14.
    I have a Taranis Q X7 transmitter, FrSkyX4R receiver and the F3FC flight board.
    I have bound the receiver to the transmitter – green light when the transmitter is on, red light when off and the transmitter recognises that the model is still powered up when switching the transmitter off. I, therefore, assume that the receiver and transmitter are talking to each other.
    The receiver is plugged into the top row of pins which I think is UART1. The fourth white wire from the receiver is disconnected. Is there a diagram of the connectors?
    I have triflight_0.7_Beta3_RCEXPLORERF3.hex installed in the flight controller and Cleanflight recognises movement of the tricopter.
    No idea what some settings should be, for example:- ESC (Powershot125?). I have set the receiver to serial and SBUS and in the ports tab have set the serial RX to UART1.

    On another matter, after assembing everything I’ve noted that all three motors are CCW versions (EMAX RS2205), is that right?

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