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    That’s cool. Do you just copy and paste the servo and tailtune settings from cleanflight?

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    3.1.3 was released yesterday and appears to be stable on the rceF3. Haven’t personally tested yet though. Kinda glad I waited instead of flashing the unstable version lol. Now we just need triflight enhancements

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    Cool, there actually is a prerelease of betaflight (3.1.0-RC11) for the F3FC
    You just have to grab it from github directly and not through betaflight:

    Sorry for triple posting. Sometimes I find my own solutions and want there to be record of it.
    Just hope this release is stable enough

    Edit: just realized you can click show unstable releases on betaflight as well. Someone should’ve told me haha!

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    Okay I figured it out, it’s a betaflight v3.1.0 feature only. 🙁

    Any clue when the 3.1 version will be released for the F3FC?

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    Right, thanks Lauka. I managed to pull the latest available version (3.0) from betaflight right from the beginning. That wasn’t really an issue. But the latest betaflight version for other targets is 3.1 and I was wondering if that is why the option for the VTX doesn’t appear under the Peripherals dropdown section, or if I’m just missing something obvious.
    Do you know if the VTX command menu system is specifically supported with either the F3FC or betaflight 3.0?

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    Late to the party, but great job. I love these bodykit mods. Does it add much weight? Does extending the nose let you get a camera with a case in there? What program did you use to model it?

    in reply to: Is this a dead ESC/servo issue? #35383

    Nevermind, I solved it once I had time to actually sit down and troubleshoot. 🙂
    There was a bad connection to the raw battery ground. So when the VTX tried to draw power I guess it wasn’t going anywhere and the FC doesn’t like that. So basically it booted with VTX removed. The tail motor and ESC work fine on cleanflight. Servo wires are bad, but it boots. The raw batt ground wire broke clean off after moving it around a little.
    I’ll see myself out now haha …

    in reply to: Accelerometer values are drifting #33894

    Thanks Bengt.
    Pitch to 180 actaully makes sense since I sometimes calibrate upside down to make it easier to get a level on the wide flat area of the bottom board that’s nicely parallel to the FC.
    I think I tried it right side up already and the problem came back though, so it’s likely I’ll repalce the board and report back. This issue was with the F3FC, just for the record.

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    Hey Norbert,
    I haven’t done a long term sensor plot yet, but I’m sure it would make a linear slope up. The increase is gradual enough that you don’t see in the short term. I did notice some severe noise on the sensors tab on Debug 2, when all the others are stable. I have no idea what Debug 2 actually is, I couldn’t find any info about it quickly. This is of course visible with no battery connected (or anything else not hardwired.) Pretty sure it will persist with batt.

    I wish I could provide some output files for you but I’m away from home for almost a week, and I was hoping to come to a decision before I got back to get ahead on shipping time if need be. If anyone could let me know, it would be much appreciated. I’d love to know if I managed to break it 😛

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    Nice! Thanks man. Using the same RX as you makes it easy. Now to wait for my replacement vtx…

    in reply to: Questions Setting up the minim micro OSD #33707

    Cool, Norbert. Glad you fixed your issues. Funny that I didn’t need to ground the video side on my setup.
    Thanks for the current display setup tips. That actually helps me a lot. How exactly are you using s.port to transfer the FC values? S.port pin to analog current input on the OSD?

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    Serial passthrough would be so awesome. Any chance of that coming to triflight anytime soon? Those github posts were written like 9 months ago.
    Lauka, wouldn’t flashing betaflight erase all the settings even without the full chip erase function?
    Norwenkel, no idea about enabling legacy support yet. I haven’t been able to get current to display properly yet, so try it out and report back. There’s also a bug where current won’t work on UART2 so make sure it’s connected to UART3 or 1.
    Is power going from UART 5v to the OSD connected to the 5v input next to the RX/TX pins or the correct one on the side of the OSD? Sounds like it’s either not getting enough power or needs an LC filter since there’s also some stripes on the video and not just the OSD.

    in reply to: F3FC reports extreme current draw #33606

    It’s not incompatible, it just doesn’t work on UART2, apparently. I haven’t tested this personally. It works fine on UART3 for me. (last post I said I had it on UART1, my mistake) Angle, horizon, altitude, etc, all display fine for me.
    With my personal problem, it’s just the current consumed not displaying correctly on video (counting up too fast,) yet fine on Cleanflight. I’m still convinced it’s a calibration issue and struggling to find info about it.

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    Have you guys found a solution to this yet? I didn’t think a simple thing like displaying mah consumed could be so complicated. My sensor readings look within range on Cleanflight with different combinations of boards connected and amounts of throttle, but the displayed number counts up way too fast. I haven’t checked it against a multimeter yet. MinimOSD Micro connected to UART1 UART3.

    Is it even possible for the OSD to read that data through UART? I’d hate to tear it down and add another wire to the board.

    edit: said wrong UART

    in reply to: FIrst build, stuck on OSD #32992

    Wow, I finally solved it. Thanks for your input guys.
    Say whaaaat (img)

    Here’s what I did:
    I think the main issue was using an SMD edition Arduino uno. I couldn’t just remove the atmel chip that people suggest doing everywhere, so thanks to hertz I used that Oscar Liang tutorial where you write empty code that also initializes the TX and RX pins as inputs. This enabled the boards to talk to each other.
    Good thing too, because I did further reading last night, and this was plan B. That board is different than mine though and they were not clear about the RX/TX swap or not

    Arduino settings were as follows:
    using arduino ide 1.6.11
    baud rate 115200 works
    Arduino pro mini selected
    programmer “AVRISP mkII” (default)
    RX-RX, TX-TX, 5V-5V, GND-GND, DTR to Reset

    Tested first with Arducam to read settings, bootloader error disappeared. 🙂
    Next, flashed MWOSD successfully with Arduino IDE.

    Mwosd gui 32bit wouldn’t run, had to fix “javaw.exe unspecified error” by updating java and using this video.

    Connected OSD to UART3 in msp mode. Not serial. (read something here about uart2 not working)
    TX-RX, RX-TX etc on UART pins

    No batt voltage, commented “#define MINIMOSD,” uncommented “#define WHITESPYMICRO” because kv team mod has switched batt1 and batt2, reflashed
    Noticed settings were still saved. uncommented “define EEPROM_CLEAR,” flash, re-comment it, flashed again.

    Characters corrupt. Read something about 3.3v from FTDI adapters causing this. Noticed 5v out from Arduino measured 4.3v, so I connected 7.4v fatshark battery to arduino barrel jack input, because the connectors just happen to fit and got solid 5.00v. Reuploaded font. Corrupted characters fixed.
    Used this info

    Characters appear blinking and dim. Changed from PAL to NTSC.

    Made my screenshot at this point and moved on to calibrating voltage. Used algebra to figure out the offset. It turned out to be like 216. My method went something like, take difference of real voltage and displayed voltage. Find percent of difference to real voltage. Multiply percent by default offset. Add that much to default offset.
    16.33 – 15.1 = 1.23
    1.23/16.33 = 0.0753
    0.0753*200 = 15.06
    15+200 = 215 offset (216 worked better)

    Now that it looked good I was pretty much ready for the maiden voyage. But I got excited and sloppy and while trying to get the RSSI setup, I flipped the OSD 180 degrees on the breadboard so RX and TX were hooked up to power and ground.
    Now it says no data from the flight controller even though it appears to read and write from the arduino and all LEDs normal. No RX/TX lighting up on mwosd gui even though I can somehow pull settings. I tried rewriting the blank arduino code thinking maybe only the arduino was being flashed or something, reflashing the OSD, and pretty much everything else I can think of. So now it’s partially fried and this was all for naught 😀

    I’ve got another one on order now and at least I’ve got all this info organized to do it again later. Glad I can contribute to the community a little. Go fly for me guys

    Anyone know how to calibrate current used?

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