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  • in reply to: RCExplorer BiCopter prototype spotted at FliteFest! #58560
    Dave Mak

    Very keen to try setting up a bicopter, but alas, too many projects on the backlog. Wish I had seen the bicopter in flight at FFOhio, but the videos posted are a great alternative! So close, yet so far away 🙂

    in reply to: Anyone going to Flite Fest East 2018?? #58559
    Dave Mak

    Was good to see David/RCE and LitterBug at FFE! Felt like a blur and didn’t really get a chance to hang out too much, but it is the nature of the beast. At least we got some Pokemon in 😉

    I believe that the only other FliteFest is in Texas this year. Probably a bit too ambitious to try and do more, is my guess. Hope to see everyone again at another Flite Test fly in.

    in reply to: FrSky FPort #40882
    Dave Mak

    Have not tried it yet, but should be easy enough to try it out if I have time. I even have a hacked X4R with an un-inverted sbus (for use with the old naze32’s) to try this with. It’s actually not even in an airframe now.

    in reply to: Triflight 0.7 Beta 2 #39848
    Dave Mak

    I’ve got tf 0.7b2 installed on the large V4ish tricopter I have (RCESPF3, with feedback servo mod but with older, non-CF base plates, etc.), and did an intial flight with the following PID’s but haven’t really tuned it nor had a chance to fly it alot, but it’s pretty stable and responsive enough LOS:

    set p_pitch = 34
    set i_pitch = 40
    set d_pitch = 20
    set p_roll = 24
    set i_roll = 40
    set d_roll = 27
    set p_yaw = 84
    set i_yaw = 40
    set d_yaw = 50

    in reply to: Tricopter3.5 Naze32 CLI dump/ #37665
    Dave Mak

    The original cleanflight / triflight 0.5 based configuration can be found on the V4 product page in the “tab” for “Preconfigured Cleanflight Setup” next to the “Description” tab about midway down the page.

    I believe that any of the triflight / cleanflight / betaflight builds will work without the feedback wire, with the main difference being in how the tail tune (workbench & in-air) will work in the triflight variants.

    If you use the .5 version of triflight, you will need to download an older Cleanflight Configurator and install that manually. I believe it’s the same version as the 1.13 versions of cleanflight.

    If you install the newer .7b1 version of triflight, the latest Betaflight configurator will work.

    in reply to: Triflight 0.7 Beta 1 #37658
    Dave Mak

    I can affirm the .7b1 betaflight based triflight default PIDs will get a v3/4 RCExplorer tricopter (based on the rcexplorerF3 board) in the air. The I is a bit too high for my liking for pitch and roll, but it works. P seems ok. Might even be able to go higher if I drop D more. I was lazy and curious how his default tune would work on a larger tri.

    I am seeing right yaw on throttle up, so that bug would be nice to have quashed. I flew it enough to just get an in-air tail tune done.

    in reply to: Triflight 0.7 Beta 1 #37569
    Dave Mak

    I’ve found that most esc’s I’ve bought that advertise as “blheli” or “blheli_s” have all had older versions with various bugs or even beta features. Just because they advertise the dshot, etc capabilities doesn’t mean the software on them might be ideal for those features.

    Did you connect either blhelisuite or the blheli chrome configurator to see what version and settings you have on those ESC’s? I can verify that triflight does the blheli passthrough perfectly.

    If you do reflash or update those ESC’s, just be very careful and follow all the usual precautions:

    * No props
    * Voltage/Current limited supply or “smoke stopper” device in line
    * Double-check you are flashing the correct version for your hardware

    in reply to: Triflight 0.7 Beta 1 #37563
    Dave Mak

    I haven’t installed triflight .7 on a SPF3 board yet (I only have triflight .7 working on a RCExplorerF3 board), but I do have Betaflight 3.1.6 working on my SPF3 tricopter.

    Not sure what ESC’s you’re using, but maybe instead of using multishot, try oneshot125 or even standard PWM to see if that solves the motor issues. The motor resource mapping looks fine to me for a SPF3.

    I don’t see a servo mapping with your setup so that might explain why you can’t get the servo to respond. It would depend on what pin you connect your servo to, but I have mine connected to PWM pin 4 output which is A12 on the SPF3, so this is what I used to map my servo for my setup: resource SERVO 1 A12

    in reply to: Triflight 0.7 Beta 1 #37190
    Dave Mak

    PieterC, I would recommend looking at the code specific for your flight controller, so for a naze32:

    And using the resource mapping documentation:

    If I were to connect my motors to the 1-4 output pins, with 4 being the servo, I would setup like such based on this code:

    DEF_TIM(TIM1, CH1, PA8,  TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM9 - OUT1
    DEF_TIM(TIM1, CH4, PA11, TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM10 - OUT2
    DEF_TIM(TIM4, CH1, PB6,  TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM11 - OUT3
    DEF_TIM(TIM4, CH2, PB7,  TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM12 - OUT4
    resource MOTOR 1 A08
    resource MOTOR 2 A11
    resource MOTOR 3 B06
    resource SERVO 1 B07

    You can see how I arrived at my mapping for the SPF3 based on this code:

    DEF_TIM(TIM16, CH1, PA6,  TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM1 - PA6  - TIM3_CH1, TIM8_BKIN, TIM1_BKIN, *TIM16_CH1
    DEF_TIM(TIM17, CH1, PA7,  TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM2 - PA7  - TIM3_CH2, *TIM17_CH1, TIM1_CH1N, TIM8_CH1
    DEF_TIM(TIM4,  CH1, PA11, TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM3 - PA11
    DEF_TIM(TIM4,  CH2, PA12, TIM_USE_MOTOR, 1), // PWM4 - PA12
    in reply to: Triflight 0.7 Beta 1 #37173
    Dave Mak

    While I’m not lauka, I might be able to help point out a possible solution / area to look into.

    If you’re using the betaflight 3.1.x releases, you need to set and check your resource mappings.

    I just got a FliteTest Electrohub tricopter I had originally built with a MultiWii Flip 1.5 FC updated to use a SPF3 FC and had this resource mapping work for me:

    resource MOTOR 1 A06
    resource MOTOR 2 A07
    resource MOTOR 3 A11
    resource SERVO 1 A12

    Just note that I have my servo connected to where motor 4 usually is output for a quad… also note that the pins referenced will vary based on the board you’re using.

    It flies great, but I’m still tuning it. I started with PIDs of 40,10,10 on roll and pitch and am working up to something I like. I ran out of time before I had to stop tuning with both roll and pitch P at about 80.

    Dave Mak

    Happily setup a patreon submission! Thanks for the great work. Actually, in addition to the RCE-SPF3 Tricopter, I’m looking forward to trying the new Betaflight forked/based triflight on a FliteTest Electrohub Tricopter I had long ago built with a MultiWii board. I’ll replace the MWFC with a spare SPF3 I have.

    in reply to: Tail motor spools up weirdly #36710
    Dave Mak

    Do you have any video to post showing this? Might help to see it. My guess is it could be any one of the following (or a combination):

    * Balance / Vibration issue with motors/props. If you followed the videos, you would have balanced the props, but did you check for vibrations from the motors themselves? People have used zip ties to balance motor bells. You can also VERY CAREFULLY try to do dynamic balancing with prop and motor (one motor/prop at a time obviously).

    * PID values. Are you using the build equipment as recommended or purchased from DavidW/rcexplorer? If so, did you use the configuration example he posted for Triflight .5 on this page: in the example configuration tab? While that would be a good start, you may also need to further fine tune / adjust values to suit you.

    * You mentioned using cleanflight. Are you using stock cleanflight or triflight, which is the modified version that adds some rcexplorer tricopter specific features like the tail calibration and tuning functionality?

    in reply to: Firmware for RCExplorer F3FC #36535
    Dave Mak

    The RCEXPLORERF3 targets in plain/stock clean/beta-flight can work, but lack the special tricopter specific code that lauka implemented. If you want to simplify the tuning process and get a tail configuration that works well, stick with triflight until the triflight code can be merged with other software.

    in reply to: Where in the world is your RCExplorer Copter? Link to map #36366
    Dave Mak

    Boston, MA – USA.

    Waiting for me to balance props/motors and time/weather window for a tuning flight.

    in reply to: Triflight setup guide #36348
    Dave Mak

    aoym, if you’re looking to see how the feedback servo is coded in triflight, I believe it here:

    Search for all the lines of code with tailServoADCChannel and you’ll see the relevant bits.

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