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    I would like to eventually become reasonably proficient at a) getting smooth aerial shots and b) doing a little bit of acro/freestyle flying. Not really looking for a racer at this point. So my question is: can the Mini Tricopter fulfill both of these duties to some extent, or should I purpose-build two separate platforms, one for each purpose? Money would be my biggest constraint.

    @JRach Based on what you said about the servo, I might get the Tricopter v4 as well as a 210-size quad. My understanding that when you’re dealing with larger airframes (i. e. TBS Discovery, QAV500, Tricopter v4, IRC XuGong, etc.) tricopters are far superior due to the yaw. But is it correct that the mini multicopters (i. e. Mini/Baby Tricopters, QAV210, Alien, ZMR250, etc.) in tricopter configuration fly inferior to miniquads when it comes to aerobatic flying?

    I’m thinking of using the Tricopter v4 for longer-rage FPV and aerial photography, and a miniquad for fast and crazy close-in flying. This cancels the durability issues as the larger tricopter, being flown in open spaces, is far less likely to bump into stuff compared to the miniquad. The mini needs to be as durable as possible as it will have to survive multiple collisions with obstacles, so a miniquad would be perfect.

    So I must decide (quickly!): am I getting two separate copters for different purposes, or just the Mini Tricopter to get a bit of both worlds?

    Basically, the reason why I started this thread was to find out if the Mini Tricopter flies as well as a miniquad when doing acro/freestyle flying.

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    @JRach Nice find on the motors! Got a link to the cage by Terje?

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    If I’m not mistaken, Triflight 0.5 does not support F1 boards. If that’s true, I suggest using an earlier version.

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    Gosh, that is funny. There are more uses for Legos than I thought!!

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    @GAntonjo Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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    By “crisp aerobatics” I mean maneuvers like those in this video:

    I understand that it depends a lot on the pilot and the PIDs, among other things, but I want to know if the Mini Tricopter can physically perform such maneuvers and how much more/less difficult they would be to perform on a quad.

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    Just curious, how did you mount the RunCam Swift? Thanks 🙂

    Good luck with the sale!

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    I have to disagree with you, Marlon. Each product has its own place in the market and comparing something like the Mini Tricopter to the Mavic Pro is pointless as they are completely different animals. No one ever said that the Mini Tricopter is easy to fly. It is designed to be a fast and aggressive flying multirotor. The Mavic Pro is designed for someone who wants a flying camera, or as some people put it, a tripod in the sky. DJI never billed it as an FPV racer or freestyle machine. Which one you choose to fly is a choice you’ll make depending on what you want. But complaining that David’s products are inferior because the don’t have some of the features that the DJI quads have is silly — David designed many fantastic aircraft that serve a certain purpose and fit a certain market. DJI aircraft are for a totally different crowd. Comparing the two is pointless because they aren’t “competitors” on the market, so to speak. As the folks at ImmersionRC like to put it, if a DJI Mavic/Phantom is a white fluffy poodle, then a racing multicopter like David’s is a pitbull, bred to be aggressive and fierce.

    I’m sorry to hear that the Mini Tri isn’t woking for you. It can be so much fun! If you have ANY questions, please ask them, I’d be happy to help.


    Thanks David! Great advice.

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    Have you guys seen the new Flite Test Super Bee? It uses the exact same components as David mentioned and hits over 90mph (~150km/h)! You can also FPV it and it’s easy to break down for transportation.

    David, are you ever going to make an injection-molded Viggen? I know that was your dream 🙂

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    I have to say that the directly soldered pads are a big drawback in an FPV race — suppose that you break/strip your servo and need to fix it quickly before the next heat. On the old Naze32 board, you simply un-plugged the broken servo and plugged in a new one. On the F3FC, it’s not that simple; you have to take the whole copter apart and re-solder the connections. Keep in mind that some races in remote areas might not even have a power outlet, leaving a pilot without his/her craft for the rest of the day.

    It would be fantastic if there were pin-headers on the F3FC as well. Just my opinion.

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    Those wires on the bottom of the frame are just TOO COOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Maybe you could sell these as upgrade parts for the Tricopter?

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    @swissfreek I love how the orange Runcam matches the orange on the rest of the copter!


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    Great! Glad to hear that it worked out 🙂

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    Can you post a picture of the screen (or a frame from the DVR recording) so we can see the problem? Hope it gets resolved 🙂

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