Tricopter LR Screw pack

Screw pack for the Tricopter LR. Contains: 6 x 6 mm M3 steel screws 6 x 12 mm M3 steel screws 4 x M3 steel nuts 2 x 5mm nylon spacer 4 x M3 nylon nuts 8 x 8 mm M3 nylon standoffs 4 x 8 mm M3 nylon screw


Tricopter LR back arm [Second-rate]

A 5mm thick solid 3K Twill carbon fiber arm for the Tricopter LR. These arms are of second-rate quality! Please note that these arms have not passed our quality control in regards to aesthetic qualities. They may be scratched and or have an uneven finish, They are, however, mechanically sound. The price is set taking this into account.

Baby Tricopter DXF files

Not sure why I haven’t posted these files before… Thanks to Kevin on the forums for reminding me! Updated/fixed plans are now avalible Download the plans here This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.