Baby Tricopter build log

I’m finally back from my travels and will now be able get started on the Baby Tricopter build and setup videos. But in the meantime to get the guys that already received theirs up in the air, here is a full build log of the Baby Tricopter. The 100 picture log should contain most information…


Baby Tricopter build

Time to build a Baby Tricopter. This is a 170mm motor to motor crazy 7:1 thrust to weight ratio beast of a tricopter. It’s small and durable and a real blast to fly. So lets get started. I’m going to built this baby tricopter (with F3FC + BabyPDB) together with the baby tricopter electronics pack. Before we start…

Pre-Release of the BabyTricopter is… NOW!

With David all the way across the big pond meeting some of you at FliteTest, this announcement has fallen on my shoulders, and will therefore be shorter and less descriptive than usual. Here goes:   A new beast has hatched. Measuring 170mm motor to motor and weighing only 280 grams with electronics and FPV gear, the BabyTricopter…


BabyTricopter Screw Pack

Screw pack for the BabyTricopter: 5 M3*6 black buttonhead hex screws 4 M3*14 black buttonhead hex screws 1 M3 black locknut


BabyTricopter Transmitter Plate

Spare transmitter plate for the BabyTricopter Size 36x36mm with 30.5mm hole spacing. Made from 1mm thick black G10. Weight: 1.8g


BabyTricopter Battery Plate

Spare battery plate for the BabyTricopter. Made from 2mm thick 3K matte twill weave carbon fiber. Weight: 7.6g


BabyTricopter Top plate

Spare top plate for the BabyTricopter Made from 2mm thick 3K matte twill weave carbon fiber. Weight: 6.8g


BabyTricopter Uniframe

Spare uniframe for the BabyTricopter Made from 3mm thick 3K matte twill weave carbon fiber. Weight: 43.2g