BMS-210DMH Servo with Feedback wire – Stainless steel shaft

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    The store is now closed. This item is no longer be sold. If you wish to modify your own servo to have a feedback wire, please look for a BMS-210 servo elsewhere and then follow the modification instructions found in this build log:

    Update: Now with stainless steel output shaft. Even more durable!

    The servo that the tilt mechanism is designed around. It’s strong, precise and has very little slop in the all metal gearbox, which is supported by dual bearings. It uses a magnetic induction rotary encoder, which is probably one of it’s best features. Apart from being very accurate and very resistant to wear, it can also protect the servo in a crash by “giving way” when the servo is subject to an impact.

    We’ve redesigned the original BMS 210 servo to include a feedback wire. This wire is used to accurately determine at which angle the servo is positioned at all times. The wire plugs in to the flightcontroller and the information is used by the TriFlight code to vastly improve the yaw performance of the tricopter. Note: You don’t have to use the servo feedback wire. The servo will work just like any normal servo if you don’t connect the wire.

    A replacement gear set for this servo is now available. Don’t forget the T5 screwdriver to be able to disassemble the servo.


    • Weight: 17.5 grams
    • Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 25.4 mm
    • Voltage range: 4.8-6V
    • Stall current: 1A at 5V
    • Torque: 4.8V: 3.1 kg/cm, 6.0V: 3.9 kg/cm
    • Speed: 4.8V: 0.15 sec / 60° (no load), 6.0V: 0.13 sec / 60° (no load)
    • Gears: All metal
    • Ball bearing: Yes, Dual
    • Motor: Coreless
    • Dead band: 0.002ms (2µs)
    • Spline: 25 teeth (Same as Futaba)
    • Rotary encoder: Magnetic induction

    8 reviews for BMS-210DMH Servo with Feedback wire – Stainless steel shaft

    1. Duddits4141 (verified owner)

      Blue Bird arrived this morning after only a few days , eat this mr. gonzales s. . Looking forward to see it in action 😉

    2. roger616 (verified owner)

      wow this servo is very smooth!! and the shipping is so fast!! wow ! took only one day to my door to arrive and I live in canada !!thanks David!!

    3. NateJZ

      Already out of stock!? When will they be available again?

    4. Dronesruinthesky (verified owner)

      Wow, my order got stuck in custom. Why? Should I move to Canada? I’m in the US

    5. Florian (verified owner)

      Rocksolid servo! Just make sure you set it to 250Hz. Find the details here:

    6. kang (verified owner)

      Its a great servo, though higher torque 8.4v servos like the new KST MR or MS 325 servo seem like a good possible choice in the future (needs feedback wire mod 😉 (

    7. Kevin_Erik (verified owner)

      While I like the performance of the BMS-210DMH Servo, it’s failure rate it pretty high.
      I’ve gone through three within a year. First was definitely due to impact but the 2nd and 3rd died without so much of a warning.

    8. LitterBug (verified owner)

      I have been using these servos on my baby tricopters and a Mini tricopter build for a year and a half. The only failure I have had was due to a very hard impact with pavement that bent the shaft and cracked the case. No fault of the servo.

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