Emax RS2205 – 2300kV

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    For the MiniTricopter, BabyTricopter and Bicopter, this motor has been replaced by the Emax RSII-2206. Please note that all motors need to be of the same version on your copter!

    Please note that this is a legacy product. This means that once the current stock has run out, it’s unlikely that this product will be re-stocked. Product information will then act as a reference.

    This little motor is quickly gaining the reputation of being one of the best motors in its class. Thanks to it’s built in cooling fins in the bell along with the highest quality N52 grade neodymium magnets this motor is capable producing a whopping 1.2kg of thrust with a 6×4.5 HQ prop without overheating and it only weighs 30 grams with wires! A truly amazing piece of engineering.

    The built in cooling system is the key to this astounding performance. When magnets gets hot they start loosing their magnetism. A weaker magnetic field increases the KV of the motor, which in turns increases the load and thus the heat generated in the windings creating a destructive feedback loop. The Emax RS2205 sucks air through the motor, keeping both the magnets and windings cool, the higher the RPM the more air is moved through the motor. Tests have shown the temperature of the windings to be 30% lower than other comparable motors.

    The Emax RS2205 is also equipped with genuine Japanese NMB Bearings for smooth and long lasting performance. Together with the dynamically balanced bell this motor has very little vibrations.

    Warning! Do not use this motor with 20A ESC’s or less when running on 6 inch propellers! We recommend 30A or more.

    KV: 2300kv
    Weight: ~30g (with wires)
    Stator size: 22 x 5mm
    Motor Size: 27.9mm x 31.7mm
    Bell shaft size: 3mm
    Propeller shaft size: 5mm (M5 thread), 15mm high
    Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 – 16.8v)
    Thrust: ~1200g @ 31A on 4S with 6×4.5 HQ prop

    1 review for Emax RS2205 – 2300kV

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Terje (verified owner)

      Very nice and VERY powerful motors. They are CCW meaning the nuts are easily replaced with standard M5 locknuts once you’ve managed to loose all three of the supplied quality locknuts with sleeve supplied in the package. The cooling fins are symmetrical meaning the motors work just as well in a CW configuration. Even come with a quality Hex key (Allen key for the American audience 😉

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