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    The next step in the tricopter evolution has finally emerged. This time it’s major mutation, a Naze32 board integrated into the frame itself! No more trying to figure out how to mount the flight controller and get the wiring pretty. No more worrying about damaging the flight controller in a crash. You also gain more space on the top of the frame, sleeker looks and a reduction of weight. Together with the power distribution frame very little of the wiring is visible making for a very clean looking tricopter. The optional built in 5V BEC on the power distribution frame was designed to very easily connect to the new Naze32 tricopter frame. Both frames have matching 5V pads that are very easily soldered together with two short pieces of cable. The BEC then supplies the flight controller, receiver and servo with super clean power with minimal effort and clean looks.

    This is the Acro version of the Naze32 which is equipped with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor running at 72MHz and a Invensense MPU6050 MEMS accelerometer + gyro. The gyro/accelerometer is mounted close to the CG in the center of the frame to deliver the best performance possible. After many tests with different mounting solutions for the standard Naze32 I, along with many others, have concluded that the Naze32 performs the best when hard mounted, that way the the sensor can’t move in any direction that the frame is not, which if it does, throws off the PID loop feedback, which leads to a weird flying copter and bad performance. Having the board integrated straight into the frame is by far the stiffest possible way mount it. Vibrations also effects the chip less as the chances of the entire frame oscillating is lower than the small, light standalone version.

    Learning and setting up a new flight controller can be both frustrating and time-consuming. That is why I made the setup for you. All the PID’s, servo settings, deadband, orientation and so on is already pre set in the setup file you can find in the tab named “Preconfigured CleanFlight setup” just above. Watch the video or read the instructions and you will be in the air within minutes instead of hours.

    On the top of the frame there are conveniently placed through hole pads for connecting add-ons like a bluetooth module, OSD, telemetry, buzzer and voltage monitoring. For the the tech-savvy, there are also SMD pads for 3.3V, SCL, SDA, GPIO, GPIO/FT, ADC and BOOT available on the bottom of the frame.

    The hole in the middle of the frame is there to make the signal wiring cleaner and better protected. The input and output pins of the Naze32 is arranged in a row and the motor and servo outputs are clearly marked with L,R,B and S so you don’t have to consult the manual every time you unplug a cable. L=left, R=Right,B=Back and S=Servo (when looking at the craft from behind and from above)
    A 90° pinheader is included which helps keep the profile of the board low even after you plug in all the servo connectors.

    1 x Naze32 Tricopter Top frame
    1 x Tricopter bottom frame (1.5mm black G10)
    1 x 90° Pinheader 3×14

    Not included but required:
    A Micro USB cable and a computer is needed to make the initial setup of the board.
    You cannot fly your copter without going through the setup process described under the “Preconfigured CleanFlight setup” tab above.
    (Don’t forget the male to male servo connectors to connect your receiver to the board)


    • Material: 1.5mm thick G10/FR4
    • Dimensions: 130x100x1.5mm (2.5mm @ components, 4.5mm @ USB connector)
    • Weight: 23.9 grams
    • Weight bottom piece: 20 grams

    Pinout for the ESC’s and servo is (Looking at the tricopter from above with the tail pointing towards you):
    Motor pin 5 is left ESC
    Motor pin 4 is right ESC
    Motor pin 3 is back ESC
    Motor Pin 1 is servo

    Preconfigured CleanFlight setup

    To avoid confusion the setup files have been moved to their individual product pages:

    Tricopter V3

    Mini Tricopter


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