Tricopter V4 Electronics kit [No longer sold as kit]

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    Please note that this is a legacy product, that is no longer sold as a kit. Individual parts may still be available if they are still in stock in the shop. Product information only acts as a reference.

    Update: The servo has been upgraded to the latest version with stainless steel output shaft and feedback wire. More durable and more precise.

    Tuned specifically for optimum power and efficiency on the Tricopter V4. Provides tons of power yet gives good hovering times.

    Comes with 2 complete sets of propellers.

    The package contains 18 gauge wire that is the perfect length for the Tricopter V4.

    Test data: 25A, 15.0V, 375W – 1300g thrust (one motor)

    Recommended battery: 4S 3200mAh

    Picture shows little bee 30A ESC’s. The kit now comes with the 35A Aikon AK32 ESC’s.

    Package contains:

    Other things you will need to get to complete your power setup:
    A Battery connector with 5cm cable
    A 4S 3200mAh battery
    A ~350-400mm servo cable

    4 reviews for Tricopter V4 Electronics kit [No longer sold as kit]

    1. Rated 5 out of 5


      Any chance for a LH thread or screw adapter, zo the one CW prop tighten itself, or the otherway arround.
      You know probably what I mean.

      • RCExplorer – David

        With todays super hard active breaking it doesn’t really matter if you use a LH thread. The prop experiences almost the same forces in both directions. Better to just use a proper lock nut (which the motors come with) The less different parts on the copter the easier it is to repair in the field as well.

    2. Rated 5 out of 5


      OK – Understood
      How about spare locknuts .? They are 4mm, not the 3mm, like the frame assy ones and with a flange of sorts.
      I am about to order.

      • RCExplorer – David

        They are 5mm and there are 2 included with each motor. They are of the large flange kind so you don’t need to use any spacer. They grip the props really well.

    3. Rated 5 out of 5


      does the electronics kit have the heat shrink for the esc included?

      • RCExplorer – David

        Yes. It’s a thick black variety that is lined with hot glue. Once shrunk and properly squeezed at the ends the ESC’s will be very water resistant.

    4. Rated 5 out of 5


      When will this be back in stock in need to fly my trickster. Thanks ?

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