Vibration dampening camera/battery tray kit

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    This vibration dampening system was created specifically for the large flight envelope of the Tricopter. The 2mm thick matte twill weave 3K carbon fibre tray is suspended underneath the main body using 4 1.5mm thick crescent shaped pieces of piano wire.

    The wire comes pre-bent (which saves a ton of time and frustration). This vibration dampening system was created specifically for the large flight envelope of the tricopter. The vibrations created by the motors and props spinning only has one way of reaching the camera, and that is down through the thin curved shaped wires. Since the camera plate is stiff, the whole camera tray has to vibrate for the camera to vibrate. With the heavy battery and camera mounted on the tray, a lot of energy is needed to get it moving. The thin and stiff piano wire has a high resonance frequency and low frequency vibrations will have a hard time to travel down to the camera plate. The small  amount of high frequency vibrations that does make it down has so little energy that they are easily absorbed by the heavy battery and camera. Resulting in buttery smooth footage.

    The main benefit of this system compared to many soft vibration dampening solutions, is that it doesn’t move or wiggle during fast forward flight or quick change of direction. This system you can whip around like a maniac and still get perfect video.

    Also included in the kit is a black silicone wedge shaped piece that is  used to angle the camera down 12°. This is an optional add on for people that like flying with the camera angled slightly downwards. It also absorb even more of the vibrations.

    Medium or thick viscosity CA glue is required for assembly.


    • Length: 224mm
    • Width: 58mm
    • Hight: 46mm
    • Weight: 40 grams
    • Maximum battery size: 32mm tall, 50mm wide, length not really an issue. Slightly larger batteries might fit with minor modifications, like flipping the screws.

    Package contains:

    Screws not included. If used with the Tricopter frame use this screw pack.

    DIY50x50 Want to make your own? That’s correct, You can download the design files for free. Even if you don’t have the money to support me, I still want you to be able to enjoy the hobby by making it yourself. Please enjoy and share this great hobby with someone. Click here for the download page.


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