I’m a winner!

I found a cool forum that is called FPV-Community, I signed up and posted a few threads. The people on the forums were very nice and I liked the forums structure. So I became a regular visitor. They had a competition going where you could win FPV equipment buy simply contributing to the forums. It ended on the 27th this month and I checked out the tread to congratulate the people that had won, and to my surprise I had come in 5th place! I never win anything and now I won a Pan/Tilt setup from GlobeFlight.

I’m so happy. This forum is great and they will have more competitions coming up, so join up and start contributing to the FPV community!

Air to Air FPV Training

Monday the 29 of June

Ever since I got into FPV flying I have always wanted to fly “air to air” with another airplane. Now I have done it! My friend Christian was kind enough to risk his Easystar. It was quite a challenge chasing another airplane, especially in the wind. But I’m quite satisfied with the video baring in mind that it was my first attempt.

Click here to read about my Twin Star FPV setup

New personal record

Yesterday was a very windy day but I was itching to fly, so I decided to take my Blizzard that is missing its spinner for a flight.
I love how the Blizzard handles in the wind! After a little while into the flight I flew over a tree line and the Blizzard stopped in mid flight. It just hung there!
– Perfect, I thought, now I can try to beat my old flight time record of 94 minutes on flat ground.
And I did it! 111 minutes in the air on flat ground! But this time it was with only 2 minutes and 11 seconds of motor time. Not bad! I had another battery with me, but my neck said: – Are you crazy!? and I wanted to get home to my wife. Now I feel like trying out sloping with this thing.

More crashes

I got some time over yesterday and the weather was quite nice so I decided to fly the DeltaD.
It didn’t turn out well…

I have to admit that the designed was flawed. It did not handle good at all in the wind and I smacked it pretty hard a few times into the ground. But I had a fun time nevertheless. After all I “Explore the RC world, one crash at a time”. I think I’ll give this project up as a bad job for now.

I’m home again!

It was a splendid vacation! We lived in a house with a pool on the countryside right among wine and olive plantations. The weather was great the whole week and the temperature was above 30°C in the shade during the days with a light breeze. We visited the leaning tower of Pisa and the Dome of Florence among other things.

I also brought the FPV Twin Star and for some reason people thought that I looked funny when I flew it?
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