Free design files!

Happy holidays everyone! In the spirit of giving we are now releasing all the design files for the RCExplorer products!

You are free to make, redesign, modify, remix the design for non-commercial purposes as long as you agree to share those designs with others under the same conditions (CC4.0).

The newer designs are in Fusion360 format as well as the more universal .STEP format, which should work in most 3D software. Happy building!

TricopterLR 3D files

BiCopter 3D files

BabyTricopter 3D Files

Tilt Mechanism 3D files

F3FC-Tricopter-Frame PCB files

F3FC-Racing PCB Files

BabyPDB PCB Files

G10 bottom frame

RCExplorer Landing gear

RCExplorer Front spacer

RCExplorer FPV transmitter post

RCExplorer Circle motor mount

Tilt setup tool

All of these files are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
By downloading these files you agree to honor this licence.

Brexit – update

With an extension now decided, we again welcome all our British customers to place orders in our shop.

As the new deadline approaches (or another date settled for Brexit), we may again pause this, but for now, you can order again.

Again, to be super-clear: this ONLY affects orders/shipments to Britain, for the rest of the world it’s business as usual, regardless of how the Brexit issue develops.

Brexit (?)

Hello Brittish friends,

Due to the very unclear situation of Britain leaving the EU with a deal/without a deal/not leaving on October 31st, we will temporarily not allow orders from the UK, to prevent customs and VAT issues. If/when things are more decided, we will update settings. To be super-clear: this ONLY affects orders/shipments to Britain, for the rest of the world it’s business as usual.

Hope you understand.


Gradually closing down the shop

Starting from today, we will no longer be restocking electronics in the shop. Once the electronics we have in stock are sold they will no longer be available to purchase on our site.

This will be the first step in closing down the RCExplorer webshop. Good news is that we will continue selling kits and parts for a while longer so there will be time to pick up spare parts, or get a kit, and source your own electronics. We will be offering the custom BMS210 servos with feedback wire for as long as we sell kits in the store.

We have already run out of our in-house designed Baby PDB, a power distribution board specifically made to power servos. We suggest getting the Mateksys PDB FCHUB-W board as a replacement. The board offers many great additional features but comes at the cost of being slightly larger. The board will still fit in the Tricopter LR, Baby Tricopter and Bicopter. It might be a tight fit in some cases, but with some cable management, you should be able to get it in there. Here are some example pictures:

A big thank you to all of you for the support you have given us. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have.

Website troubles fixed (Hopefully)

We’ve had some issues with the website after an auto-update of the WordPress core. We tried many things to try and fix it, but in the end, we had to recover the website from a backup.
Hopefully, everything is back to how it was. For those of you that had to reset your passwords; your old password from before the website troubles has been restored.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pre-Release: The Tricopter LR

The next chapter in the tricopter saga starts now! We are proud to present the Tricopter LR!

This copter is all about long range and long flight time. The frame is super light at 112 grams. It swings 8″ propellers to get high efficiency and QUIET flights. It’s easily transported as the front arms can be folded back (no tools needed!).

Despite being compact it has a lot of room for electronics and FPV equipment inside of the frame. The tricopter LR uses the standard 30.5mm hole mounting pattern used by most flight controllers which offer flexibility.We went to great lengths to make sure that no props are visible in the image (when using the recommended setup). This was no small feat on a copter swinging 8″ propellers on such a compact frame.The 6S battery trend on mini quads has lead manufacturers to make lower kV motors in the same small form factor. The Tricopter LR is designed to take full advantage of this, using 3S (for long flight time) or 4S (for bonkers flying). The recommended 1600kV 2207 motors weigh less than half of the motors previously used on the Tricopter V4, yet they are more efficient. That is weight saved that can go towards battery capacity, which together with the higher efficiency of the motors, low weight and low drag frame equal a lot of flight time. We have put together a super efficient electronics pack for the Tricopter LR that, with the right battery and a light build, makes it possible to achieve over an hour of hovering flight time!We are really happy with how this copter turned out. It’s easy to travel with, yet offer very long flight times previously only possible with much larger rigs. It’s fantastic for cruising far and high which lets you really take in the landscape and explore.

The Tricopter LR is now available for purchase in the RCExplorer store. Build- and flight videos are coming soon.

Legacy products

With the release of the new Tricopter LR, starting today the Tricopter V4 and MiniTricopter kits will no longer be available for purchase as kits. Individual parts will be available until the current stock runs out, after which these parts will no longer be re-stocked. Please note that we will not delete any of the product pages at this time. Everything will still be accessible for reference in case you want to go back and find information on the setup of these legacy kits or similar. You can find all legacy items in the shop under the legacy category.