Legacy products

With the release of the new Tricopter LR, starting today the Tricopter V4 and MiniTricopter kits will no longer be available for purchase as kits. Individual parts will be available until the current stock runs out, after which these parts will no longer be re-stocked. Please note that we will not delete any of the product pages at this time. Everything will still be accessible for reference in case you want to go back and find information on the setup of these legacy kits or similar. You can find all legacy items in the shop under the legacy category.

9 thoughts on “Legacy products

  1. Damn………soooo sad……..
    Whole interest in multi-rotors has been so that I could one day fly a mini-tri one day….
    Got me an ET100 so I could practice & learn on in the meantime while I tried to get the money together to buy one…
    Then unfortunate circumstances happen in life pushing the time frame back….
    And now no more Mini-Tricopters…..
    I guess thats what I get for trying to be fiscally responcible & look forward to seeing it’s replacement, although it’ll probably be even longer until I can afford one of them :'(
    Best of luck in your future endevours & I REALLY hope I can manage a windfall somehow & buy a mini-tri as a ‘replacement parts’ to build up! 😉
    Thank you for all your hard work in the hobby….

      • Taree, New South Wales, Australia…
        Is it the fullsize V4 or the Mid-sized Mini-Tri
        Im thinking of just ordering theall the required ‘spares’ now… :v 😉

        Soooo, where are you & how much, please?

        • It’s the full size Tricopter v4 with the F3FC and carbon fiber bottom plate. It’s in good condition (flown only a couple of times) but needs new servo gears. I paid around $300 for it from the RCExplorer store. Make me an offer please 🙂

          I’m in California, USA so shipping might be expensive… I’ll be at the post office soon and try to find out. Thanks 🙂

          • Been crunching numbers & I cant sorry…
            300USD = 430AUD at the moment….
            I can get most of the Mini Tri bits here, doubled up in a few cases for 250AUD & slowly make do with what I can I guess…
            Even if it sits for a few months afterwards, at least I’ll have it ready when I can afford the rest…
            Thanks for your kind offer & I hope you manage to find a new home for it… 😉

  2. Noooo! Love my Mini Tricopter. I still have it in the shelf waiting for some electronic upgrades. Guess I’ll have to buy some spares now!

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