13 thoughts on “Tricopter LR build video!

  1. Have to give this Tri-copter a try. Just registered for a account and have only been more frustrated by Government sites for the way they fought my P/W selection. Why don’t sites understand that upper and lower case L’s and I’s aren’t clearly understandable and then the zero (0) and O thing gets involved and finally after about 15 minutes of back and forth from phone to PC, I (i) satisfied the accounts officials and have an account.
    Have to add that I love my maker knife and it wasn’t near as hard to get ordered! LOL

  2. Just noticed that the motor order as specified on the Kakute layout is different from what I see in Betaflight when I configure it for a tricopter.

    I’m assuming the Kakute layout is correct (since that’s the sequence you followed in your video) – is that right?

    Cheers! Gene

  3. David, I suggest you revise the video to recommend installing the camera and vtx ground wires to the grounds on the solder points just below Vo and Vi on the kakute. Rather than to grounds on the PCB. I have found a significant improvement in video quality by making this change.

      • I supply power from the PDB (my cam and vtx can take a wide range of voltages) but ground and video is connected to the kakute ay Vo Vi and the adjacent grounds. MUCH cleaner signal but the video setup gets included in the current draw sensor on the PDB

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