Bicopter kit

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    Are you looking for a challenge? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    *Electronics not included

    Say hello to the RCExplorer Bicopter. Yes, Bi as in 2! This copter only uses 2 motors and 2 propellers to generate lift.
    Pretty cool eh? But you don’t get much control with just 2 motors, you need something more; Servos! Pitch and yaw are controlled by tilting the motors in either the same or opposite direction.

    *Electronics not included

    This makes the RCExplorer Bicopter look freaking fantastic flying around. In full forward flight with the motors at full tilt, it’s reminiscent of the V22 Osprey.

    The RCExplorer Bicopter is designed to look as badass as possible, and I think we succeeded. The frame is entirely made from high-quality 3k twill weave matte finish carbon fiber. This makes the RCExplorer Bicopter frame lightweight, durable and worth drooling over.

    *Electronics not included

    Just picture yourself rolling up your flying buddies and whipping this thing out. Guaranteed instant +10 to street cred and coolness (guarantee not guaranteed).

    The sharp-looking backend not only looks like a formidable stabbing weapon, it also makes the copter fly better. The weight is distributed more evenly and the leverage arm is longer, which should make the pitch axis more stable.

    *Electronics not included

    This thing is a challenge. Are you up for it?

    This thing is not like a crazy locked in quadcopter that obeys your every command. No, you have to fly this the way it wants to be flown. It is not easy and it will take some getting used to. Tuning is tricky, fiddly and might vary greatly depending on the electronics used (Pre-tuned starting PID’s available for the recommended electronics kit.). You can get yourself into weird situations very quickly and it currently doesn’t like flying backwards.

    What it does like is forward flight (both slow and flat out), lazy turns and hovering (as long as it’s not drifting backwards). You can do tricks as well, but be ready for some fun recovery manoeuvres. It is a very different flying experience compared to most other crafts.

    *Electronics not included

    *Electronics not included

    Building the RCExplorer Bicopter is also a bit of a challenge. Designed to be as cool looking as possible lead to some awkward spaces. Cable management skills will for sure make things easier, but you will probably still want to curse us a couple of times during the build.

    Please use this connection schematic rather than the one you see in the video

    Once you’ve gotten through the build, mastered the flying and tamed the beast, the payoff is a freaking badass looking sci-fi machine howling down low across the field with tilted rotors.
    Only you can decide if that is worth it or not.


    *Electronics not included

    Can we improve it?

    Currently, the RCExplorer Bicopter is running stock betaflight firmware. This firmware is designed mainly for quadcopters and very little improvements have been done to other aircraft in that code. The handling of servos on both tricopters and bicopters is far from ideal. Luckily we have a very awesome community on this site. A community that has been able to improve on the tricopter code so much that it went from feeling like flying a wet eel to a homing missile. Together we can explore if it’s possible to improve the flight envelope of bicopters as well. Jump over to the forums and share your experience. Note: It is highly recommended to use the special position feedback servos. They will most likely increase performance vastly once the feature is implemented in the firmware.

    *Electronics not included

    *Electronics not included
    *Electronics not included

    *Electronics not included

    Starting PID's

    Update: This is the latest schematic for how to connect the ESC’s and servos. Please solder on the wires according to this picture, not the one you see in the video.


    These PID’s and settings are made for the F3FC flight controller and Bicopter electronics kit.

    Please not that they are made to be a good starting point. Furter tuning might be required depending on your setup.
    resource MOTOR 1 B00
    resource MOTOR 2 A04
    resource MOTOR 3 NONE
    resource MOTOR 4 NONE
    resource SERVO 1 A07
    resource SERVO 2 A08
    mmix 0 1.000 1.000 0.000 0.000
    mmix 1 1.000 -1.000 0.000 0.000
    servo 2 900 2100 1585 100 -1
    servo 3 900 2100 1420 100 -1
    servo 4 1050 1950 1500 100 -1
    smix 0 2 2 100 0 0 100 0
    smix 1 2 1 -100 0 0 100 0
    smix 2 3 2 100 0 0 100 0
    smix 3 3 1 100 0 0 100 0

    feature -ANTI_GRAVITY
    feature TELEMETRY
    beeper -ON_USB
    serial 1 32 115200 57600 0 115200
    set gyro_lowpass_hz = 90
    set acc_trim_pitch = -6
    set acc_calibration = -12,17,47
    set mag_hardware = NONE
    set baro_hardware = NONE
    set rssi_scale = 41
    set rc_interp_ch = RP
    set min_throttle = 1015
    set motor_pwm_rate = 2000
    set align_board_yaw = 270
    set current_meter = ADC
    set ibata_scale = 336
    set ibatv_scale = 336
    set servo_pwm_rate = 250
    set deadband = 5
    set yaw_deadband = 6
    profile 0
    set p_pitch = 60
    set i_pitch = 45
    set d_pitch = 60
    set p_roll = 45
    set i_roll = 20
    set d_roll = 15
    set p_yaw = 40
    set i_yaw = 20
    set d_yaw = 60
    rateprofile 0


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