What was destroyed in the crash?

The plane may have look pretty mangled but the damage were not that great.
I had to boil the nose of the Easystar and glue her up again, no biggie.
Battery is fine (got to love A123).
All servos survived and no gears were broken.
OSD and the eLogger are both fine.
Camera works fine but has gotten a few battle scars.
The 300mW 1.3GHz transmitter on the other hand seems to have sustained heavy damage and the range has been reduced to practically nothing.
I have tried replacing the SMA-connector with no results…
I think I’ll have to order a new one.

Other that the EZ-Pod was damaged but nothing unfixable.
I’ll keep you posted.

The day I lost my FPV Easystar

My plane is gone and i cant find it!

I was my first flight with my new Eagletree OSD.
I saw that the clouds were pretty low and not to thick so I did something stupid;
I flew above the clouds without a GPS.
It was pretty windy but I didn’t notice it while flying so high. I thought that I was closer than I was.
I fly with A123 and usually get 2100mAh out of them. But I had forgot that I had used some up configuring the OSD.

I descended to late and found myself out at sea!

I panicked and tried to desperately get back to land when the battery went flat…

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We searched for hours but could not find it.

Maybe it’s out at sea.

I’ll put up some flyers to see if someone has seen it.

Wow this day sucks…

Here is a link to the thread on RCGroups if you want to discuss it

Night flight AitT Done and flown

Yep your read right! The AitT V.2 is a Night Flyer!
And more, it flies great!
The difference is easily noticeable compared to the old AitT.

I have also changed the prop to a 4,75*4,75, changed the servos to a pair of Multiplex Nano-S and changed to a 25-35C battery.

This is not a model you fly with your mind on the dinner and I like that.
Unlimited vertical is nice too.

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Fooling around with the OSD

I rely like Eagletree’s stuff!
You can change almost everything to whatever you want.
This is extremely appealing to me as I can chose what I want to display and where.

Since I don’t have the GPS expender yet I chose to display the mAh used in the top left corner, the battery voltage in the top right corner and underneath that the amp draw.

I found that this layout worked out best for me.
I don’t like to have anything in the bottom of the screen since that is the part of the screen that is most interesting.

You’ll have to see for your self in the next video.