The day I lost my FPV Easystar

My plane is gone and i cant find it!

I was my first flight with my new Eagletree OSD.
I saw that the clouds were pretty low and not to thick so I did something stupid;
I flew above the clouds without a GPS.
It was pretty windy but I didn’t notice it while flying so high. I thought that I was closer than I was.
I fly with A123 and usually get 2100mAh out of them. But I had forgot that I had used some up configuring the OSD.

I descended to late and found myself out at sea!

I panicked and tried to desperately get back to land when the battery went flat…

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We searched for hours but could not find it.

Maybe it’s out at sea.

I’ll put up some flyers to see if someone has seen it.

Wow this day sucks…

Here is a link to the thread on RCGroups if you want to discuss it

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