New screws and tricopter back in stock

Tricopter Screw Pack

After a very lengthy search I have finally found a source for both 18 and 20mm black button head stainless steel M3 screws. I also managed to get a hold of black M3 stainless nylon lock nuts as well, making the tricopter look very pimp.

The screws are much stronger than the old philips screws. They have a temper rating of 10.9 and have 2mm hex heads that are very low profile. Only downside is that they are more expensive than the old screws so I had to bump up the price of the individual screw packs a bit. The Tricopter kit price however stays the same.

MiniTri1 MiniTri2

Since the screws showed up one day early the back ordered tricopters will start shipping out tomorrow instead of monday!

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