19 thoughts on “Meeting – Arenan i Skövde, March 7th

  1. Well the RCExplorer inspired Tricopter Micro does qualify with a overall takeoff weight under 500g… But I already have invited people over for supper on Saturday 🙁

  2. @David: Is the 2.4gHz and 500g weight the standard for what can fly at these arrangements? Could be fun to make a build of the tricopter that meets these limitations 🙂

  3. I totally missed the news on the front page. I usually only check out the forum.

    I’m only 3,5h drive from Skövde but I don’t think I can squeeze that down to 5 min. Oh, next time perhaps.

  4. according to the news this morning it seems that the “NEW YORK CITY DRONE FILM FESTIVAL” was a thing that just happened I bet you would have crushed the competition

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