New video! – “The Mall”

Filmed during the Rotor DR1 shoot at Rolling Acres mall in Ohio, USA
Link to the episode in which the footage was used.

The Rolling Acres mall closed down in 2008. It is a really creepy place. It’s huge and empty. Every single piece of glass is broken. The glass sky lights were broken and water was dripping on the floor with an echoey splash. It was absolutely awesome! Someone in the Rotor DR1 community knew the owners and arranged that we could shoot there. Naturally I had to bring the tricopter.

Reception was surpassingly good considering I was using 5.8Ghz. Probably because there weren’t a single electrical device in or even a power-grid nearby. I broke a total of 8 props during the day and flew a total of 8 batteries. I lost all 3 landing gear during the day (couldn’t find them) due to low flying and scraping the floor.

Here are some random Iphone pictures I took during the day:

IMG_2731IMG_2735IMG_2740 copy IMG_2746 copy1 IMG_2749 copy1 IMG_2753 copy1 IMG_2757 copy IMG_2759 copy IMG_2766 copySetup used in the video:

Frame: Tricopter V3
Motors: NTM28-26S 1200kV
Props :8×5 HQ E-prop
ESC’s: 20A SimonK ESC’s
Battery: 4S 3000mAh 20C Battery
FC: KK2 mini
Servo: TGY210
Video TX: mmersion RC 5.8GHz 600mW
Camera: GoPro3+
RC-RX: Hitec optima 9
AUW: 999 grams

10 thoughts on “New video! – “The Mall”

  1. Thanks for sharing, so inspiring. I have had a blast the last 2-3 month flying your V3 almost every weekend and some….
    I plan to bring it to Sweden this summer to capture some stunning, I hope, views from South Dalarna where I grew up.

  2. I finally got the friction thing dialed in on the arms and am loving that, I had drilled some holes but then realized it’d be a good thing to get the friction thing working. Anyways, nice flying here! It’s amazing that they would let a mall like that go to waste. Looks like a great set for DR1. That Tricopter of yours David I bet has a lot more power and speed than what you could really unleash in that environment. Very inspiring video and great setup on the tricopter!

  3. Hi David, Some awesome flying and at an equally amazing location.

    truth be told i never saw much in multirotor craft being more of a fixed wing dude, but your tricopter changed that.. haven’t started building yet but it is coming as soon as possible. thank you for rekindling my RC fire…

  4. When I say “you inspire my dreams”, I mean it literally. I’ve noticed a correspondence between you posting new videos, me watching it, and then having “the flying dream” again.

    “Wizard Eye (level 4): You see through a magical hovering eye, allowing you to explore from a distance.” – D&D

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