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  1. David, Hello finally.

    My name is David Also. im 54 but act like im 30. I been flying ,building Rc Nitro aircraft for 35 years now ALL KITS AND SCRATCH BUILD.. Flown Heli’s for 7 years.im fast as lightening and still have moves like a 2 year old. Since I moved from the house to an Apartment and lost many of my family( MOM DAD OLDER SISTER and some friends through out the years to Death or they got married and left the State I have to say- you and the gang inspired me a few weeks ago just watching all the build videos and watching the the fun flys FT had going on. im so inspired by your excitement you have for this hobby that im selling all my RC stuff and getting into Electric. I did my online studies and am most interested in TRI copters. BUT .5 years ago for 15 years before they closed I use to work for a communications company making over 25.00 dollars an hour! I worked doing something like you did. Soldering boards. Testing, building comm cables, testing Oems, fibre optics and building Junction boxes for phone communications for residential housing Here in Nebraska. Mid State USA. in that 5 years till now I still work for another factory I use to work for in the 80’s. Injection molding… I love it… but the pay is CRUDDY about half what I use to get, I barely make it every month. I do have a Ebay store but its dwindled down. Now I need your help… im a nice guy and trust your decisions in building the guts on this tricopter. im going to purchase your 85.00 with the upgrade nas32 building board. TOP. don’t think I want the bottom plate. then im going with the emax 30A Esc. with 3 MT2213-920KV….motors what do you think David?
    But soon il be installing FPV. will I need to get more powerful moters if I install the cam setup?
    I sure hope we can talk soon… thank you.

    • That setup will work. I would probably get the PowerDistobution without the BEC at it will save you some weight and make the build easier and cleaner. The MT2213 work on 4S but they get a bit warm and arn’t as efficient as the tiger motors. The MT2213 will carry a GoPro as well.


  2. lol.
    believe or or not I was looking at the tiger motors. we think alike. but i like power and sometimes i over power my designs for reasons you might some day see why. lol
    anywho. heres another suggs in motors.
    MT2213-935KV MultiStar
    KV(RPM/V): 935
    Lipo cells: 2-4s
    Max Surge Watts(W): 200
    Max.current(10s): 15 amps
    No Load Current: 0.4 amps
    Intemal Resistance: 0.180 ohm
    Number of Poles: 14
    Dimensions(Dia.xL): 28 x 26 mm (not counting the prop shaft)
    Motor Shaft: 3mm (not the prop shaft)
    prop shaft: Slotted (DJI) style 8mm round (7mm flat to flat) stepped down to 6mm and a M6 prop nut
    Prop: 10×4.5(3S) 8 x 4.5 (4S)
    Weight: 55g
    bolt hole spacing: 16mm * 19mm
    with your 85.00 tricopter.. im serious thinking about the top plate with the n32 board. however im a bit concerned about vibration with out a damper. having the board build in makes me think of rough vibrations and in time will damage the IC and chips.im thinking and just thinking mine you. lol that it may be a better idea to just purchase the board and do what you did in the video and just use double sided 1 mil thick sticky tape. dampens the vibrations i would think much better.
    these are things my mind fights with lol im German and stubborn and a perfectionist but open to examples. plus what do you think of the motor setup for me?
    Hey would you like to just build it for me and send it whole? haha hehe… anyway hope you can comment on all my concerns.
    your awesome.
    David im really looking to nickel and dime this till i can get the best possible start at a low price. ha RC low price? HA..

    Hope to here from ya.
    David M.
    From Nebraska USA!

  3. OK hello again from Nebraska USA.
    David I know im babbling and going on about this motor and that motor but I hung out at our field to see about Roger, He Flys 3 Quads FPV and one tricopter no FPV. he flys year round like I do. I never ask what motors he had cuz I really wasn’t interested in them. or his quads. but I just went there today and seen he had the 3 SUNNYSKY X2208-1500KV II. on 3s. 3a Emax EsC. with kk2 board. i ordered the motors today at goodluckybuy. only because he had seen their performance and they sounded smooth and strong. i also went to a dozen web pages on tests on the sunnysky motors and man no bad remarks. since its my first tri setup i like learning from first hand people who are running that particular setup. and sunnysky unlike most other motors come with everything to install them. also they were low priced unlike other places and they have a wide selection of many motors and supplys. however im getting just a few things at a time. can you tell me David, when i order, besides the regular shipping costs will i be charges anything else such as customs fees of any fees other then the postal costs? let me know before i purchase some things please… it wont be the tricopter right now. just some accessories.. let me know friend. sorry for the babble. lol
    David M

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