Testing out the GPS

I tested out the Eagletree GPS and it works excellent.
I tried to gain some altitude with my FPV Easystar and I got up to 945 meters before it was time to land. I have it setup so that the place of the “Sat” switches between the number of satellites and the mAh drawn every 5 seconds.

The video and RC link worked without a hitch, but I did not pushed it today. 2300 m from home at 200 m above ground was the most I pushed it.

This year I have so far a tad more than 4 hours and 20 minutes of FPV airtime. I rely hope the weather changes for the better so I can get more hours and so I can take the Twin Boom Easystar for a maiden flight.

RCPowers F1 Hydro 3D Review

Name: F1 Hydro 3D
Distributor: RCPowers.com
Type of product: PDF plan
Suggested material: 6 mm Depron
Airplane type: ParkJet
For: Intermediate to advanced pilots
Flying weight: 280-480 g (10-17 oz)
Length: 787 mm (31”)
Wingspan: With “training wings” 718 mm (28 ¼”) | without 394 mm (15 ½”)
Prop: 6*4 – 8*4
Suggested power system: 2200kV motor | 6*4 prop | 3s 1500mAh Li-Po
Servos: 3 ~9g servos
CG: 87 mm (3 ½”) from where the wing and the fusulage meets (same place as the carbon spar)

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Painted the Hydro

After over 2 hours in the air I decided to finally paint this excellent plane up.
It’s nothing fancy, a simple 2 color job. But I think it turned out pretty good.

I have also tried out a bunch of different power setups, and this is the one I like best:

Motor: Topwerpro 2409-12T 1600kV
ESC: Towerpro 18A
Battery: 3s800mAh 20-30C Loong-Max
Prop: 8*4 DD GWS

All up weight after painting and with the 3s 800mAh batteries is 287 g.
Flight time is about 7-8 minutes.

A teaser of a secret project

Remember the crash of the old Easystar?
I have had the old pieces of that Easystar just lying around for quite a while now, and every night when I go to sleep I can see the pieces lying on my shelf. But now, after many nights of thinking of what I could do with it, I finally got an idea. I will not share with you just yet what it is, but soon you will find out.

What would you do withe these pieces?