The secret project begins

Today it begins; The secret project. In this experiment I’m going to try to get an Easystar that don’t look nor fly like an ordinary, everyday Easystar.
I’ll try to push the envelope and expand my horizons to speak.

To do that I’ll need carbon fiber, glue, a new motor and a different propeller.

Two 10*8*500 mm carbon tubes should do it.

A Turnigy 35-30C 1100kv motor with a 10*5 prop should be something to start out with. Here it is compared to a 6” prop that I had mounted on this Easystar before it crashed.

I think you all have guest it buy now, but the monster I’m trying to bring to life is a twin boom Easystar!

I went with the approach of gluing the carbon tubes to the tail.

To hold the carbon booms to the main airframe I chose to make a mount of 3 mm plywood. The booms will be fastened with screws which gives makes me able to take the airplane apart if I would like to.

I’ll use epoxy to glue the plywood to the wings.

Testing the mounts.

I’ll keep you posted as always

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