Introducing the Naze32 Tricopter frame!

It’s finally ready! Are you ready for a sleeker look, less cables, better crash resistance and more space? Than this might just be the thing for you.
Naze32 Tricopter frame


When I first tried out the Naze32 board I wasen’t at all impressed with the yaw servo performance. It felt like an evil wet eel had control over it no matter what PID settings. So I contacted Stephen Amor, also known as Steveis (yes the guy that improved the KK2 firmware), together we set out to exorcise the possessed eel and get the board to perform as well as we knew the board was capable of. Now, finally, the code is ready and the Naze32 equipped tricopter flies like a dream! (The code is available on the product page, it works both on the integrated version and the standalone Naze32 boards.)

Naze32 Tricopter frame


Now I know how frustrating and time-consuming moving over to a new type of flight controller can be, so I made things as easy as I possible could for you guys. Almost all the settings are already made for you. All you have to do is follow this guide and you will be up in the air in no time, with a minimal amount of frustration;

Lastly I would just like to thank you all for supporting what I do. Without you guys, non of this would be possible, so sincerely, thank you.