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After the traditional Midsummer holiday (June 23rd) we will close down the premises for a short vacation. You can still place orders and/or contact us during this period, but we won’t be able to ship/respond until we open up again on July 3rd.

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Having problem connecting to cleanflight? Update to triflight 0.7

The incredible Lauka keeps on making amazing improvements to the Triflight code. The latest version is rebased on betaflight and offers all the advantages of the latest betaflight release.

Recently cleanflight also rebased to betaflight (kind of ironic as betaflight was based on cleanflight). This is why the latest cleanflight configurator no longer works with pre 0.7 triflight versions.

We recommend that you now use the betaflight configurator instead of cleanflight to get all the advantages of the code.

You can read more about the improvements of the latest Triflight here

Direct download of the 0.7 hex for flashing; F3FC, Naze32. Other boards are available from the link above.

This is a beta release of the 0.7 firmware. It might have some bugs in it. Please report any problems here

If you wish to use an older version of the Triflight code, you can by downgrading the cleanfligt configurator to a previous version.

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