Tri weight

Hi!  David I’ve been following your builds for sometime now..:)_your truly talented! I’m one of your biggest fan:). Love every project you come up with Great job!  Ok I was wondering  how heavy is your tri copter with full fpv gear including GoPro ? As mine weighs at 2.75 pounds with out GoPro do you think that is to heavy? I’m using same setup as yours, just different frame. thank you

Tricopter V1/2.5 Build

Here is my tricopter build. Its a combination of V1 to V2.5.

This is what I have used:

2213N Motors

9×4.7 GWS Blades (really needs 10×4.7)

2.2 Lipo 3 Cell

CNC Cut Lighbounce Acrylic Frame

10.5x18MM Pine Stripwood Booms

Plush 18A Speed Controllers


3D printed YAW hinge, motor mounts and GoPro Hero 3 Frame

Sintra Plastic Battery and GoPro Holder


Flies very well, I always you self level on.

Here is a little video showing the tricopter:

I don’t know much about blogs, but I’ll try this.  I just saw  your trip to space and its less than perfect result.  I however am thrilled.  What an astonishingly brave thing to try and what sensational results.  Small details may have screrwed you up but still remarkable.  I would love to be in on your next try.  How can I follow you?


I love what David does, awesome!!!!!!!!

I would love some help to set up an I86 control board for my Tri copter.

I want to use Turnigy D3536/5 1450kv motors

Hobby King Blue 40amp escs

Spektrum DX5E Transmitter

Orange dsm2 , 5 channel receiver.

It seems that I can only get the motors to run when the roll pot is at 0 and the others at 50%

but no gyro or rudder or aileron response!

I have been thru the set up 15 times and setting each esc to default settings, yet still no end result.

Are there specific settings for the escs that need to be used?

Also I believe that connecting the battery sometimes causes issues with the receiver not arming properly.

I’d love your help and suggestions.

New to RC and FPV… Hope to get both going before summer is over!

I have a pretty low paying job and finally got some starter planes to learn the basics.  I’ve been using flight sims for almost 20 years and got to ride in a real piper and try out the controls, but never an RC plane. I do have some RC experience with the Blade CX2’s and the Blade CP Pro, but I think planes are my calling with FPV.


I purchased a Spektrum Dx6i and the Parkzone UMX MIG 15 DF and crashed it about 10 times so far.  It still flies tho 🙂  My last purchase was the Parkzone P51-D Mustang which is MUCH easier to fly.


I just ordered the FT 3D Speed Build Swappable kit and hope to get that together soon after it gets here 🙂  I will try out some FPV stuff in the FT 3D when I figure out what to purchase.  I have seen the hobby king $59 starter set, but I have a Hero 2 and I’m leaning towards the OpenLRS stuff so I can add GPS and some other fun things.  I still haven’t figured all that out though.


I just found a few weeks ago and now this site!  You guys are all awesome! Keep up the great work and info!