Tri weight

Hi!  David I’ve been following your builds for sometime now..:)_your truly talented! I’m one of your biggest fan:). Love every project you come up with Great job!  Ok I was wondering  how heavy is your tri copter with full fpv gear including GoPro ? As mine weighs at 2.75 pounds with out GoPro do you think that is to heavy? I’m using same setup as yours, just different frame. thank you

One thought on “Tri weight

  1. I made myself a tri based on the vh deluxe, i have smaller NTM motors and 30 cm booms instead of 35. It weights 500 grams without battery and gopro… I get 17-20 min flight time on a 2400mah 20c 3s. It flies at around half throttle. When (and if) i go fpv i might use a 4s if its to heavy, but i am surprised how little it weighs.

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