I love what David does, awesome!!!!!!!!

I would love some help to set up an I86 control board for my Tri copter.

I want to use Turnigy D3536/5 1450kv motors

Hobby King Blue 40amp escs

Spektrum DX5E Transmitter

Orange dsm2 , 5 channel receiver.

It seems that I can only get the motors to run when the roll pot is at 0 and the others at 50%

but no gyro or rudder or aileron response!

I have been thru the set up 15 times and setting each esc to default settings, yet still no end result.

Are there specific settings for the escs that need to be used?

Also I believe that connecting the battery sometimes causes issues with the receiver not arming properly.

I’d love your help and suggestions.

2 thoughts on “I86 SET UP TEARS!!!!!

  1. If the i86 is like the g.t.power s1. After you set the esc you unplug your battery then move your pitch pot back to normal. Then plug you battery back in. Same goes with the stick centering. Other words you will end up back in set up mode and nothing works. Also I noticed that if you loose power while armed it will go back to set up mode. And nothing will work. Caution I bought some Simon k esc and disarming leads to the motor with a spin up. Remember where you fingers are if you leave the props on. Actually keep the props off if you in the middle of set ups. Seriously!

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