New to RC and FPV… Hope to get both going before summer is over!

I have a pretty low paying job and finally got some starter planes to learn the basics.  I’ve been using flight sims for almost 20 years and got to ride in a real piper and try out the controls, but never an RC plane. I do have some RC experience with the Blade CX2’s and the Blade CP Pro, but I think planes are my calling with FPV.


I purchased a Spektrum Dx6i and the Parkzone UMX MIG 15 DF and crashed it about 10 times so far.  It still flies tho 🙂  My last purchase was the Parkzone P51-D Mustang which is MUCH easier to fly.


I just ordered the FT 3D Speed Build Swappable kit and hope to get that together soon after it gets here 🙂  I will try out some FPV stuff in the FT 3D when I figure out what to purchase.  I have seen the hobby king $59 starter set, but I have a Hero 2 and I’m leaning towards the OpenLRS stuff so I can add GPS and some other fun things.  I still haven’t figured all that out though.


I just found a few weeks ago and now this site!  You guys are all awesome! Keep up the great work and info!



3 thoughts on “New to RC and FPV… Hope to get both going before summer is over!

  1. try flying something like a bixler or axn clouds fly floater, its what I’ve had for about a year now its what I learned to fly on and no problems since, from hobbyking its PNF 70$

  2. in my opnion its the most fun you can buy for 70$ and you can put fpv on it, go watch some xjet vids on youtube there are lots of good axn videos
    happy flying,

  3. I agree with crazymonkey, start fpv with something a little more docile until you get a feel for it. It’s way different than flying LOS and if you try it on something like a 3d plane, you will most likely crash

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