TriFlight Setup guide

Thanks to the fantastic work of Lauka and everyone on the forums, we now have a specially tailored firmware for tricopters dubbed TriFlight!
The new firmware vastly improves the flight performance of the tricopter as it features a ton of optimisation specifically tailored for tricopters. Among other things it features a custom in-flight adjustment for the thrust to torque factor of the powertrain as well as a equal yaw rate algorithm to get the same yaw speed in both directions.

The setup for the Tricopter V3.5 and the MiniTricopter is now made even simpler as the firmware is already pre configured with the correct PID’s and settings for the recommended electronics.

If you want to join the development, there is a +40 page forum post where this firmware was born and polished by our fantastic forum members. By tricopter pilots for tricopter pilots. Together we are strong!

If you want to print or cut your own Servo Setup Tool you can download the STL and SVG file here. Be aware that I have not tested if this file prints correctly. The file was designed by trial and error on my laser cutter. The file might need adjusting to get perfect 40° deflection.

Mini Tricopter back in stock!

The Mini Tricopter is finally back in stock! All backorders was sent out yesterday. Thank you for your patience and thank you for all your support. I really appreciate it. The Triflight code is coming along very nicely and the tricopters are flying 1000% better than the stock code. Hopefully we’ll move out of the beta and release the a v1.0 of the code in a not too distant future. Thank you Lauka for everything you have done. Also thank you to everyone else on the forums that have helped develop and improving on the code and providing feedback. Together we’ll soon conquer the world, ehm I mean the race tracks.MiniTriSnow

Servo setup tool and single frames

Tilt setup toolQuick update on the store; Added a servo setup tool to make it easier get the perfect center and exact 40° throw. Very useful in the setup of the Triflight setup. This will be included in the Tricopter and MiniTricopter kits from now on, or to be bought separately. Those that are waiting on their backordered Minis will get one with their order. The backorders will, incidentally, be shipped tomorrow!

Also added the option to buy the tricopter frames separately, in case you want to upgrade just one frame or accidentally destroyed one.

Choose a single frame

Pimp my yard

Pembroke wing

A couple of weeks back I heard from a friend of mine that the Swedish Rescue Training Center in Skövde was going to close down and that they were holding an auction for all kind of cool stuff. I immediately jumped on the interwebs and found the auction. Among the thousands of very mixed items such as firetrucks, CPR dolls, miniature models, projectors, chairs and such I found a Hunting Percival P66 Pembroke C.Mk 52

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Tech talk on the FT After Hours podcast

V1A5BMJFThe awesome guys over at FT After Hours invited me to join the show for a new segment called “Tech talk with David“.

In this first instalment we talk a bit about how brushless motors work, how KV is determined and what affects how much watts the motor can handle. We also talk about how servoless retracts work, KK2 VS Naze32 and loads more. Of course we also discussed some other thins such as the new Slow Mo Time channel, and my resent purchase of an airplane wing.  The FT After Hours crew really are a joy talking to and it is an honor to be on their podcast.

Click here to listen to the episode in your browser or visit the episode page here.

If you’ve never listened to the crazy stories from Chris, Wayne, Andrew and Mike be sure to listen to their previous episodes as well.