Tech talk on the FT After Hours podcast

V1A5BMJFThe awesome guys over at FT After Hours invited me to join the show for a new segment called “Tech talk with David“.

In this first instalment we talk a bit about how brushless motors work, how KV is determined and what affects how much watts the motor can handle. We also talk about how servoless retracts work, KK2 VS Naze32 and loads more. Of course we also discussed some other thins such as the new Slow Mo Time channel, and my resent purchase of an airplane wing.  The FT After Hours crew really are a joy talking to and it is an honor to be on their podcast.

Click here to listen to the episode in your browser or visit the episode page here.

If you’ve never listened to the crazy stories from Chris, Wayne, Andrew and Mike be sure to listen to their previous episodes as well.

4 thoughts on “Tech talk on the FT After Hours podcast

  1. Good to hear your voice on the podcast again, man. And I second was Jesper said: as soon as the new Naze frame and PDB are on the site, I’ll be buying two of each.

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