5 thoughts on “New website, please bear with us

  1. It looks weird but I’ll get use to it 🙂 good luck with the new wesite ! Just a question about fire, How long does the flame last with your technique ? and also, does it actualy warm or burn your skin ?
    Thanks !

  2. The site is a bit jumpy on loading, the navbar is initially messed up with the menu and logo standing in one line (like they have ‘display: inline-block’ attribute set), then they jump in correct positions. Checked in last versions of Chrome and Firefox. Not a major issue but could be solved by someone with access to wpadmin and sources.

  3. I too like the mobile markup, but i think the color of the “super-sticky” threads is a little too similar to the “floating” threads. Ok, one of my monitors is not showing correct colors, but even on the good monitor the contrast is a little weak for the sticky threads. Maybe changing to a little bit darker yellow for the super-sticky threads would help.

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