Servo setup tool and single frames

Tilt setup toolQuick update on the store; Added a servo setup tool to make it easier get the perfect center and exact 40° throw. Very useful in the setup of the Triflight setup. This will be included in the Tricopter and MiniTricopter kits from now on, or to be bought separately. Those that are waiting on their backordered Minis will get one with their order. The backorders will, incidentally, be shipped tomorrow!

Also added the option to buy the tricopter frames separately, in case you want to upgrade just one frame or accidentally destroyed one.

Choose a single frame

4 thoughts on “Servo setup tool and single frames

  1. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but a DXF version of this would be VERY nice as well. I don’t have access to a program that can read STL files. But I DO have access to a 2D cad program that can read DXFs. I can then import the program, print it to full scale and use scrap adhesive to stick it to a scrap piece of Plexiglass or G10. Cut it to size and BOOM,….instant servo setting tool

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