Mini Tricopter back in stock!

The Mini Tricopter is finally back in stock! All backorders was sent out yesterday. Thank you for your patience and thank you for all your support. I really appreciate it. The Triflight code is coming along very nicely and the tricopters are flying 1000% better than the stock code. Hopefully we’ll move out of the beta and release the a v1.0 of the code in a not too distant future. Thank you Lauka for everything you have done. Also thank you to everyone else on the forums that have helped develop and improving on the code and providing feedback. Together we’ll soon conquer the world, ehm I mean the race tracks.MiniTriSnow

5 thoughts on “Mini Tricopter back in stock!

  1. Hi!DAVID!Thank you for your respect for the fans and support?my english name is Allan! I speak english a little,I come from china,I am your fans,I am very interested in you?so If I buy things in your store, I worry that will be the customs check! it is really annoyed!

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