Gradually closing down the shop

Starting from today, we will no longer be restocking electronics in the shop. Once the electronics we have in stock are sold they will no longer be available to purchase on our site.

This will be the first step in closing down the RCExplorer webshop. Good news is that we will continue selling kits and parts for a while longer so there will be time to pick up spare parts, or get a kit, and source your own electronics. We will be offering the custom BMS210 servos with feedback wire for as long as we sell kits in the store.

We have already run out of our in-house designed Baby PDB, a power distribution board specifically made to power servos. We suggest getting the Mateksys PDB FCHUB-W board as a replacement. The board offers many great additional features but comes at the cost of being slightly larger. The board will still fit in the Tricopter LR, Baby Tricopter and Bicopter. It might be a tight fit in some cases, but with some cable management, you should be able to get it in there. Here are some example pictures:

A big thank you to all of you for the support you have given us. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have.