Gradually closing down the shop

Starting from today, we will no longer be restocking electronics in the shop. Once the electronics we have in stock are sold they will no longer be available to purchase on our site.

This will be the first step in closing down the RCExplorer webshop. Good news is that we will continue selling kits and parts for a while longer so there will be time to pick up spare parts, or get a kit, and source your own electronics. We will be offering the custom BMS210 servos with feedback wire for as long as we sell kits in the store.

We have already run out of our in-house designed Baby PDB, a power distribution board specifically made to power servos. We suggest getting the Mateksys PDB FCHUB-W board as a replacement. The board offers many great additional features but comes at the cost of being slightly larger. The board will still fit in the Tricopter LR, Baby Tricopter and Bicopter. It might be a tight fit in some cases, but with some cable management, you should be able to get it in there. Here are some example pictures:

A big thank you to all of you for the support you have given us. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have.

22 thoughts on “Gradually closing down the shop

  1. Sorry to hear it to say the least. Thank you David for all the cool stuff you brought to the hobby. Let us know what you’re up to next, if you care to. In any event best of luck in whatever you do.

    Billy D.

  2. Aww, missed you a lot lately. I wish you the best of luck moving forward! Can always go watch the og flitetest videos for you and Peter’s content!

  3. To say the least I’m shocked / saddened. Will miss you and RCE. Been a fun ride thats 4-sure. (learned allot too)

    Guess as always, RL gets in the way and we have to move on regardless. In any event, best of luck to you David, i wish you and your the best!


  4. Forgot to mention that I have the Matek PDB on a few of my Tricopter builds. Works like a charm but as David said, its a bit large-ish for some of the frames. Hit me up if you need help wiring one up…


    • Hi Kevin!! I was starting to build the Tricopter LR, but i’m a bit basic at the electronics parts (All my rc planes e my first tricopter are made by me, i can do the soldering part and i can destinguish “+”, “-” and signal cables… all the rest is pure magic…). I would like to see one of your matek PDB’s wiring, to get something similar to David’s scheme for the babyPDB that i can’t find anywhere else.


      • The ESC LiPo supply wires need to share the two PDB pads that are avalible by doubling up on one. Other than that, the ribbon cable should be used to connect the FC to the PDB to simplify wiring (if your FC allows) The ribbon will pass, 5v, current sense, ground, servo pwm and two of the three motor channels. However, i would wire the motor pwm directly from the FC for all the motors. Makes things simpler and easier to change later if the motor wires need to be swapped around.

        Big advantage to the Matek FCHUB-W is that it allows the use of headder pins to connect the Servo. Making the servo field swappable! This was something not possible using Davids PDB.

    • Hi, I just noticed that the Matek PDB can be configured for 7.2V output for the servo. If I am correct, do you know if that improves servo performance (speed and or controllability, i.e. PID responsiveness) and by how much?

    • Hi Kevin, hope you’re great. Mine is more of a PID Issue though I also use a Matek PDB on my custom mini tricopter build.
      Because I am using px4 firmware rather than clean/beta flight, I have to manually tune the PIDs. Could you please supply your working PID settings so I can use as a start for tuning mine?
      Thank you very much.

  5. Thank you David for all the cool stuff! Ihope that you dont leave the industry and keep contributing with your knowhow 🙂
    I wish you luck in whatever you do in the future!

  6. sad to see the shop go, I somehow understand that some things can’t last forever and life must go on. hopefully we’ll still see you around trying some crazy new inventions to keep us inspired from time to time

  7. But why?? Is it because I don’t order that much?
    So sad to see the store go. The Mini Tri was what got me into this hobby, and I’m actually rebuilding mine. Gotta get be a Baby Tri frame before you run out. :'(

  8. Sad to see the store close down. I came to the hobby quite recently, but I already learned so much. Thank you for all the shared knowledge, the great build videos ans the side projects. Rocket knife is what made me watch your channel, and eventually hop on the drone hobby. Well, because a guy hooking a rocket to a knife is a great mark of confidence in his craft 😀 :D. Wish you all the best!

  9. Thank You David for all the wonderful contributions to RC over the years. Gonna miss browsing threw the RCExplorer shop. I never got much time to build or fly like I wanted but enjoyed watching your builds, flights, and innovations over the years. I learned to solder and became comfortable troubleshooting electrical issues by watching your videod. I hope the closing down of RCE is opening up something bigger and better for you. Hope all your content on YouTube will stay available. Again Thank You for everything you put into this site and the hobby. Lots of sacrifice, effort, and fun certainly went into it and it shows. Take vare David. I hope we get to see more fun stuff on YouTube in the near future.

  10. As much as this hurts my heart, I can’t even imagine the heartbreak (and relief) your family must feel. You deserve the best, David, and I’m sure that’s what’s in store for you in the future. (I just hope it’s not jail for breaking some odd & newly impressed faa laws, haha). Take care buddy, and thank you. We hope you’ll update us on YouTube at some point. I’ll always stay subscribed.

    All the best,
    James in VA

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