21 thoughts on “Clearance sale!

  1. Hi David the buy 3 pay for 2 on the Tricopter V4 motors is not reflected in the total cost in the cart. Just wondering what is going on there.

    Thank you very much!

  2. Just had same troubles as above but with adding 3rd Servo….
    BTW- kind of a little worried LR Tricopter WILL be back in store, won’t it???
    (Hopefully with thicker 6mm arms?)

  3. Having the same issue as Alexander. I sent an email before seeing this post. But I put in payment info through PayPal and then gets cycled back with a “no shipping option available”

  4. Will the tilt mechanism kits be going on sale as well???
    I think Im up to my 4th purchase since announcement, tri-ing to stock up on spares…
    This is getting habit forming! :v 😉

      • SWEEEEET!
        Thank you David, again! 🙂

        Oh………..hang on, in that case…..
        (assuming these things come in 3’s as well)

        1/ A link to where we can find those awesome woven carbon arms that you used to sell- if possible…
        2/ Could you & the RCE family/crew sign the 2x v4 carbon bottom plates in my next order?
        3/ Don’t (totally) close the shop! :,(

        Willing to trade all 3 wishes for a ride on a Rocket-Sled though! :v 😉

    • Download plans which will be released when shop is shut & find someone to cut it out???
      It’s what Im doing so I can finally own a Mini-Tri-bute-copter….
      Except for those woven carbon arms….
      I missed out on the Baby Tri myself by 12hours unfortunately so will be going the hard way myself at some future date- thats what I get for tri-ing to be ‘fiscally responsible’! :v 😉

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